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Casa Moda

In June 2010 took a leap of faith and pursue my life long dream and Casa Moda was born. In spanish 'Casa' means home and 'Moda' means fashion. I have been crafting since I was in a very young age helping out on weddings of friends and relatives. I come from a family of artisans my grandaunt whose last name was also Casa use to own a bridal boutique, My dad is a master carpenter and inventor of woodworking machineries. He owned a construction and furniture company and now based in Africa as a furniture consultant, my mom owned a dress and tailor shop and I am so thankful that she gaved me some basic lessons in sewing and decorating. Growing up everything in our home from furniture, curtains, beddings and all my party dresses are handmade.

I am a full time jewelry artist, paper collage and abstract (impasto) painter, studied Bachelor of Fine Arts major in Interior Design and worked in Africa and Singapore for 10 years. My previous job was designing commercial interiors for nine years in New Jersey. Studied beginners to advance pottery and basic metalsmithing. I love photography, art collecting and going to flea markets on weekends and attending local arts and crafts shows. I am currently living with my loving and supportive husband in a small colonial home in East Coast.

Love what you do. Live life the way you want. Life is a blessing, dream and reach for the stars. In the process of fullfilling your dream, enjoy the journey. Stay happy.
Madie Becker
owner, maker, designer, curator
Jewelry and accessory designer, interior designer, paper collage and abstract painter.

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