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At Cavalier Creations we love gemstones...mined from the earth, cut and polished gemstones! We are gemstone collectors, first and foremost, seeking out high quality gemstones at excellent prices. Most of our gems are imported directly from the stone cutters enabling us to provide you with the best prices possible on some really amazing specimens!

We are so very pleased to announce that Cavalier Creations has gone GREEN! Having found a few wonderful sources for recycled/sustainable metals, Cavalier Creations is proud to present designs that feature fine quality precious metals that are Earth friendly! Great sources for recycled metals include: Hoover and Strong, Stuller and Rio Grande.

Sapphire Notes: Most sapphires on the marketplace today, over 95%, are heat treated for color and clarity enhancement. Unless otherwise stated, our sapphires have been heat treated according to industry standards. If you are looking for certified sapphires, we have some really great sources for these as well. We do not stock certified gems but they are available upon request.

Many gems are heated and/or otherwise treated to enhance color and clarity. Most heat treatments occur at the mining site, immediately after the gemstone rough is separated from other mining debris. Unless otherwise stated, here or anywhere else for that matter, expect most gems to have been at least heat treated. A few wonderful exceptions to this "rule" would be most garnets, peridots, tourmalines and many of the clear, colorless gemstones.

***International customers please be advised that the customer is responsible for any customs fees/import tariffs. We currently ship internationally to Canada and the UK.***

All jewelry designs are packaged in gift boxes suitable for gift giving. If you desire your purchase to be shipped directly to the recipient, please send us a convo and we will make the proper arrangements to do so.

***FREE RING SIZING available on most of our rings. Just let us know at checkout and please allow us about 7-10 days to process your request.***

For original pieces of art please visit our other Etsy store, CavalierCreations2 at

CavalierCreations' Shop Policies


We truly love what we do and making others happy in sharing our love of gemstones is a privilege. Customer satisfaction is our number one goal and, while we are new to Etsy, we've been blessed with hundreds of very satisfied customers. If you have any questions or concerns, we are always more than happy to address them to your satisfaction. As we are usually hard at work either producing new designs or processing orders, the most expedient form of communication is via email. We can be reached at: cavaliercreations [!at] Thank you for visiting our Etsy shop and we hope that we can be of service to you!

About Gemstone Treatments

For centuries man has been enhancing gemstones, from cutting and polishing to heating, irradiating, coating, oiling and dying. The cutting and polishing are obvious, the other enhancements are not always so. A very high percentage of naturally mined gems are treated in some manner to enhance their clarity and/or coloration with the most common form of treatment being heating. This process, along with irradiating, coating and dying are, in fact, industry accepted treatments. Sky, Swiss, and London blue topaz are almost always heated, some irradiated. Over 95% of sapphires on the market today are heated. The newer, “Mystic Quartz and Mystic Topaz” gemstones have a vapor deposition coating bonded to their surfaces. Dying is less often utilized, however, black, green and blue onyx are almost always dyed for uniform color. Cultured pearls (both sea and freshwater) begin with the manual implantation of a nucleus that the mollusk then forms the nacre around. Most fancy colored diamonds are irradiated. The list goes on and on with most treatments being perfectly acceptable and legitimate within the jewelry marketplace. These treatments become underhanded and illegal when unscrupulous sellers make false claims, for instance, a pink diamond being sold as “natural, untreated” when in fact it has been irradiated.

There are, however, many gems that undergo only mining, cutting and polishing without any further intervention needed to enhance their natural beauty. Some of these include: Clear quartz and topaz, many citrine and amethyst gems, garnets, opals, fluorite, and peridot. There are some that are available both in their natural and enhanced states such as rose quartz and the various hues of chalcedony. Many are drawn to the dramatic colors of the dyed and electrically treated chalcedony gems as they offer vibrant, fashionable colors at reasonable prices.

Our main reason for this disclosure is to provide the buyer with the truth behind the gemstones. One must assume that, unless a gemstone is certified unheated/untreated, it may have undergone one of the above mentioned processes. We believe in full disclosure and, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Sapphires: Testing for beryllium bulk diffusion treatment can not be undertaken exclusively by gemological testing methods and gemological equipment currently available and used everyday by the trade gemologists. Therefore, while our sapphires do not seem to display any visual evidence of beryllium bulk diffusion treatment, the possibility that this may have occurred can not be completely ruled out. Only further laboratory chemical analysis can accurately identify this treatment.


We accept credit cards via Etsy and Paypal and will gladly accept money orders and personal checks for U.S. orders provided they are received in a timely manner. Any order payed by personal check will be held until the check has cleared your financial institution. If you need more than seven days to make payment, please make prior arrangements with us.



All shipping fees include insurance and delivery confirmation for shipment within the USA. We try to ship all non-custom orders within 24-48 hours of cleared payment. Sizing requests will usually take 7-10 days depending on how many requests we are processing at the time as they are handled on a first come, first served basis.

If you live in a major metropolitan area or receiving your package at an office location or multiple family dwelling, we will send your order with signature required upon receipt of package in order to help facility proper delivery to you.

***International customers please note that the customer is responsible for any customs fees/import tariffs.***

Refunds and Exchanges

We want you to have the benefit of inspecting your new jewelry and are happy to extend to you a 14 day inspection period. We will offer a full refund, minus shipping, on non customized items provided merchandise is returned in its original, new, condition with no indication of wear, tear or abuse.

For customized orders, we will offer a 14 day inspection period and returns will be given as a store credit for the value of the originally purchased item minus shipping.

For returned, non customized rings that have been sized, there will be a $20 restocking fee that will be withheld from the refund as sizing is a laborious and time consuming process.

Additional Policies and FAQs

You will find us very easy to work with. We welcome custom requests and are more than happy to work with you to create a special treasure according to your specifications. While not all of our designs are available with multiple design options, some of them are. Please ask us if we are able to accommodate your changes and, if we can, we'd be delighted to work with you.

Last Updated April 9, 2015