cbcreativeoutlet's Shop Announcement

Welcome to Colleen's Creative Outlet.!
Everything in my shop is made by me with no outside help. I want to make my own wearable art for my customers I believe that recycling clothing is good for mother earth and a good way to use my creativity. I make all sizes but enjoy doing plus sized for myself and my big and beautiful friends!

I recently have been published in the Fall issue of Altered Couture magazine. I am so pleased to have one of my argyle dresses accepted into this beautiful publication. If you appreciate upcycled clothing you should really pick up a copy or get a subscription! So many great ideas...which are endless!
In recent years I have begun to sell my fiber arts at larger arts and craft show and I truly love meeting people who appreciate hand crafted items as well as those who also create. ETSY has been okay but nothing will ever take the place of meeting a customer, hearing their comments, positive or negative., watching folks try on my creations and see happy faces!

I love to recycle because #1 it's good for Mother Earth and #2 it spurs my creativity! ! What is created is a one of a kind items that nobody else has. So dare to be different!

Most garments and materials were purchased at local charitable organizations, which help provide services to people and animals in the community. I get great stuff to work with while helping local organizations that help others.

Caring for your sweater. This garment is pieced and sewn securely,I have pre-washed and dried so it's okay to wash it. Just be gentle with it: Cold wash - hand or delicate setting, air fluff or cooler dry please!

I would love to make something for you. Send me your idea and I will do my best! One Item I would love to make for you is a memory sweater . If you have lost a loved one and have their sweaters and or other clothing I can turn them into your own personal sweater just for you to remember them by. I think it's a sweet idea and if you want to feel close to a loved one who has passed why not repurpose some sweaters. You would just need to send me at least 6 sweater, maybe a couple more if they are small, and I will make something to fit you. You order what you want, hood, pockets, scarf, handwarmers! Just let me know !

Thanks so much for taking the time to check out Colleen's Creative Outlet
May Peace, Love & the Creativity energy be with you!

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.