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Hooray! Our original Solar System Jewelry has been featured by The Planetary Society, NPR, MAKE: and NASA!

Wear what you love! - Unique Statement Jewelry & Clothing, with an Intelligent Edge and a Sense of Humor :)

Inspired by historical design concepts, ancient algorithms, informational data sets, and the mysteries of Nature and the Universe, we strive to design jewelry & clothing that feels timeless, as though it could be a trend from the past, the future, or both!

In particular, we love bringing a unique statement to our jewelry designs, like our Solar System Necklace series, Latitude & Longitude Necklace & Bracelet sets, Veins and Arteries Necklaces, Atmospheric Strata, Hexadecimal Color Codes, and I Ching Hexagram sequences...

We design for a rugged and elegant look, hoping to create a piece perfect for your next black-tie luau or punk-rock opera.

There are so many magical ideas in the Universe - all our designs are created with the intention of making something we've never seen before :)

Although we are a small, 2-person shop, we've had some wonderful success! Our Solar System Necklace and Bracelet designs have been featured by NPR's Science Friday and Carl Sagan's famed Planetary Society, won an "Editor's Choice" Blue Ribbon at MAKE: magazine's Maker Faire, earned accolades from NASA astronomers and inspired a NASA podcast!

For the story behind our Solar System Jewelry series, check out this interview with The Planetary Society:
"The Solar System, in Jewelry Form"

We look forward to creating more unique wearable art objects that stretch the mind and imagination!

- Laura and Jeremy
Chain of Being

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"The Solar System, in Jewelry Form"

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