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Vintage African resin Copal with an Anne Choi bead and Baltic amber...
A strand of Moroccan Copal beads with silver inlays from the Atlas Mountains.
If Wishes Were Horses...a bracelet I made.
Jose Barerra for Avon
Elizabeth Taylor for Avon

...the future from the past...

I AM an artist.

I am obsessed with beauty...with the understanding that beauty is many faceted. I have acquainted my self with the world of antiques for many years. I am a master watercolorist living in the mountains of East Tennessee.

In July of 2008, I bought my first computer. I learned how to turn it on. I found ETSY. I called my daughter and told her we were going into business. In the worst economic downturn this country has seen since the Great Depression we began a small shop. It foundered and listed sideways and trolloped along. I learned how to use a computer. Slightly. My daughter let me cry and scream. I did not throw it out the second story window. It survived.

I had a terrible desire to learn and research and try to make something out of my SELF. I stumbled into a hole in the universe and came out with sterling silver and 1940s costume jewelry and a MADMEN attitude.

I fell in love with the jewelry that Frida Kahlo wore and insisted on keeping to herself. I fell in love with many aspects of Mexico.

I became aware of a connection with a product from the turn of the century: the 19th century...opera glasses. I was at one time an optician. I became enamoured of the item and the time and place of its heydey.

My daughter and I completed our residency in computer literacy and then...we separated and it was as painful as a death...but, new life was born out of it.
I have my shop and she has created three. We are friends and compatriots and the best cheerleaders of one another's
mountain tops and valleys.

So. A computer. A terrible desire. An undeniable artistic urge. A daughter. And, ETSY.
It's not about the destination. It's about the journey.
owner, collector and researcher
I learned how to use a computer at the very same time I learned about ETSY. I wanted my own venue. I am obsessed with antiques and research and beauty. I started out with my daughter but our artistic roads diverged. Now we work in parallel universes.

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