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Home of the finest cruelty-free rat and bird skull jewelry, copper anatomical and occult necklaces, steampunk assemblage pieces, and candy-like Doctor Whowelry. I love Victorian and art nouveau designs, and you'll see a strong reliquary/memento mori influence throughout most of my work.

In "Skulls and animal parts," you'll find my rat skull necklaces, bird skull jewelry, and assemblage pieces made of tiny bones and watch parts. Most of the pieces in here are shadowboxes, but I am one of the few Etsy sellers who bothers to treat her eggshell-thin skulls and bones with museum-quality resins to strengthen them, so you may find some pieces that don't need to be protected under a shadowbox dome.

In "Steampunk/Antique look," you'll find a lot of jewelry made from found objects, such as vintage game pieces, coins, tokens, and clock gears and parts. I like to take old bits of brass--cogs and keyplates--and bring them new life by chemically etching designs into them. I favor anatomical and natural history themes.

In "Copper Occult & Anatomy," I keep my hand-cut and etched solid copper pendants. Here I express my love of medical illustrations and the supernatural with lots of skulls, skeletons, cryptids, tarot cards, and ouija boards. My copper jewelry is fully varnished so it shouldn't turn your skin green, but the varnish can wear off--bear in mind that the occasional green tarnish transferring to your body isn't a sign of an allergy or poor quality, but a natural oxidation reaction that can be prevented by painting over the tarnished areas of the piece with a little clear nail polish.

In "Doctor Who Jewelry" you can find my indulgence in whimsy--this is what I make when I'm just hanging out and watching TV! My geeky shrink plastic designs are hand-drawn and colored, with personalized touches and an attention to detail that won't be matched by cheap inkjet imitations you might find elsewhere.

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