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Hello to everyone! Welcome to my shop.
I started my page by listing one of my recent original Ebony pencil drawings. I have been creating these drawings for about 17 years. I recently added two more of them, and for the sake of calling a rose a rose, I've named them opus1, opus2, and opus3.
My art form does not have a definitive title other than "abstract" or "drawing" or "design" or any other general term you'd like to attach to it.
When I first started to make it, a 4-year-old observer called it "music" which remains my favorite term, but again, it is all in the "eye of the beholder!"
I almost always use Ebony pencil and good quality drawing paper (with a nice, even "tooth" to it) and every design is unique.
The forms come from a place inside of me where I feel I am connected to something MUCH larger than myself. I believe I am a channel for these drawings and wherever they actually come from is hard for me to describe with words. (just then I had to visit "" to find the best word for "channel." I started with the word "passageway" as a way to describe what kind of artist I am.)

I will be posting more soon... along with some prints... thanks for your visits!