chocolateletters' Shop Announcement

Chocolate Letters offers a unique and wide-ranging collection of thoughtful vintage craft items, knickknacks, trinkets, curiosities...around the clock, all year round.

Chocolate Letters has collected an assortment of vintage Wedding Cake Toppers...these are sure to delight the happy couple. Please click onto the "Modern Vintage Bridal" section to view them.

My "Vintage Florals Shop", "Vintage Leaves" and "Vintage Stamens and Pips" are gardens of unusual and charming old stock treasures from long ago. Most of the flowers in this collection are more than forty years old and display a skill of craftsmanship and detail, which is almost lost today. Each petal, leaf and bud was individually created, then assembled by hand into the lovely floral collectibles you see here. They are fresh and colorful as the day they were made. You are sure to appreciate the nostalgic beauty of these vintage floral collectibles and accessories.

For sale items, please keyword the word "sale" or "Love is Sweet" within my shop.

To make informed purchases...please ask questions. No returns accepted. Sorry.

Note: The USPS shipping rates went up on January 26, 2014. A 1-3 ounce first-class parcel increased by 25 cents to $2.32. The USPS Delivery Confirmation service will be used on each order, which is a $1.05 fee. So-each parcel begins @ $3.37, which does not include envelopes or boxes. I will provide a tracking number so that you may know when to expect delivery of your parcel.

Thank you for stopping by. Have a splendid day and a wonderful life.