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If you like chocolate and eating healthy, you're home.
I've been making raw chocolate since 2005 and can now, after many years, say I am highly skilled when it comes to tempering and flavor matching this delectable sweet with unique flavors.

. Read below to discover how my chocolate is specially prepared for you. I make the extra effort for your health, and support fair-trade and organic for the benefit of farmers globally :)

~Chocolita combines the highest quality raw, organic, fair-trade, and wildcrafted ingredients with eco-conscious business practices in order to reconnect you with the food of the gods by providing unique and evocative flavors.

All my chocolate is unheated, or raw, which preserves the enzymes and nutrients in chocolate (which means even MORE nutrition in your chocolate!) I encourage you to nurture yourself with nutrition.

I created Chocolita with the intention of broadening awareness of where one's food comes from, and meeting your desires for a sensual epicurean experience.

My importer has all the bulk cacao products certified organic by Stellar Certification and I have personally gotten all my bars Certified Organic by them as well.

Rest assured, I am actually Certified Organic and I have the paperwork to prove it ;)

It costs a bit to certify, but it's totally worth it!

All my chocolate is raw. It is slowly stone-ground, and then tempered. I consistently check the temperatures throughout the process to ensure maximum integrity of my products.

All the products that I use are certified organic except the pine pollen and Schizandra which are wildcrafted. They are consistently checked for purity, and come from Surthrival.

I encourage you to do research of the health benefits of the ingredients that I use. I have carefully selected every ingredient because of it's health-benefits to create a nutritious and decadent chocolate experience for you.

1% of profits from sales of Chocolita are being (and have been) donated to the Foundation For Peace to pay for my recent trip to Haiti and to provide food, shelter, clean water, and education to the people of Ganthier and Fond-Parisien. For pictures of my trip:

Thank to all my supporters for allowing me to give back to the people of the chocolate lands!

Send me a message for bulk prices on chocolate supplies. Anything over 5lbs will get a price break.

Also, if you would like to order wholesale, my wholesale price is currently 2.69/bar with a 48 bar (4 case) minimum order. The chocolate is great for special events and gifts and I can customize the chocolate flavor for your special day :) I can also make smaller bars if you's like some small favors for an event. Shoot me a message for more info.

Also, please contact me with any ideas you have for custom chocolate orders. I have been making chocolate for many years, and I would be delighted to co-create a hand-tempered chocolate with you! I have made many custom orders, and love discovering new flavors.

I can only take responsibility for getting the package to your door.
If you are not going to be home to receive the package, I STRONGLY URGE you to request it be held at the post office for you to pick up. Please specify this upon checkout, and I will ensure that happens for you. Ice packs only last about 24 hours, and the radiant coolness they create lasts slightly longer than that. Any package sitting in the sun will melt, and you'll have sad chocolate.

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Love you!

~Sarah Ann~

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