Cinderella Moments, a dash of whimsy!

Our dollhouses are the most girly and shabby chic you'll find anywhere!
All dollhouses are one of a kind. Signed and original. No one else will own the same!
All bags and accessories are one of a kind and handpainted.
Handmade delights
A Dash of Whimsy!

Cinderella Moments' Whimsical Charm

Cinderella Moments started here on Etsy. Our style is definite whimsy! We use the sweetest colors and styles to bring undeniably whimsical handmade products to our customers. From custom fairytale dollhouses to one of a kind accessories, we aim to bring more beauty to this world.

Cinderella Moments
A dash of whimsy!
Cinderella Moments
owner, maker, designer, curator, Whimsical Style
Cinderella Moments is all about cute, whimsical style. Bringing sweet and beautiful products to add whimsy to your world is our mission!