cindysowers' Shop Announcement

SHOP UPDATE: I am not planning an official shop update for this coming week. I do have 2 gowns I am working on, however. I will likely add them to my shop some time Monday, without a preview, just sort of randomly when I get them done, and then hopefully an official shop update the following Monday. You can see what I am working on generally on IG at @cindyjsowers or on FB for more frequent updates

Everything in my shop is handmade individually by me. My shop is about offering you things I love and collect myself, things that jazz me, make me smile, and just are fun for me to play with. I want the things I make to last. Each item is made one at a time from start to finish. I don't have an assembly line mentality and couldn't work that way if I tried. Each piece is a little different from the last, as I make color and fabric selections and changes to the design as I go. I like giving each piece the attention it deserves. Each design is my own, often inspired by movies or television programs. More often than not, I start with white silk, rayon and cotton fabrics. Often I dye or embellish my own fabrics. My goal is to give you something that is unique and often OOAK. I embrace handmade and love the energy behind things that are made individually by individuals. Welcome to my world!

Gallery work:

I consider costuming an art, and when I make clothing I try to make each item a miniature piece of wearable art for whatever/whomever I am making it for. If I am making dolls or critters, I want each one to be different from each other. I like things to have a personality. I use very high quality materials to construct everything I make. Price reflects cost of materials, but more often is indicative of artistry, skill and time involved. What you see is basically the culmination of what I have applied myself to for the last 40 years! It's everything I know how to do and have been working towards at that moment. Hopefully my work gets better as I progress, so that there is little point in looking back. Working in miniature takes far less materials, but often not really less time or less skill. It is fiddly and fussy. I can design and construct in human scale, as well, and everything in between, so I know just exactly what goes into clothing design and construction and how much effort it takes. I think I offer you very good value. I put time and attention to detail into my creations. Each piece has my energy infused into it. I hope you will have a look through my store to see what I can offer you. Hopefully you will be pleasantly surprised.

I have been making art dolls since 2001. I have had dolls in art galleries throughout Vermont from 2003. I was chosen as an artist for the Cabot Best of Vermont event in NYC. I have had 2 dolls exhibited and sold in the Auguste Clown Gallery in Melbourne, of which I am especially proud. My dolls have been published in major doll magazines. Before all of that, I was a quilt artist, and before that a milliner. I have always sewn many of my own clothes, since age 11 or 12. For awhile here on Etsy I sold primarily doll hats in all size ranges. In 2009 I became interested in Blythe dolls and have focused on hats and other items for Blythe since 2010. Most of my own Blythe and other dolls, which you see photographed are customized by me.








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