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Everything in my shop is handmade individually by me. My shop is about offering you things I love and collect myself, things that jazz me, make me smile, and just are fun for me to play with. I want the things I make to last. Each item is made one at a time from start to finish. I don't have an assembly line mentality and couldn't work that way if I tried. Each piece is a little different from the last, as I make color and fabric selections and changes to the design as I go. A lot of the things I do, including coloration, is really just a happy accident. I draw up patterns sometimes, and promptly forget what goes with what, so things can be pretty random and you might not see repeats once something has sold. Pattern making is a strong skill of mine, if I would only stay organized well enough to have any idea what I put with what last time! My scatterbrained nature is an excellent way to stay creative, but really hinders working in a consistent fashion, so OOAK is the best way for me to work. It's how I have always worked. I am not set up like a factory and I like giving each piece the attention it deserves. Each design is my own, often inspired by movies or television programs. Often I dye or embellish my own fabrics. My goal is to give you something that is unique and often OOAK. I embrace handmade and love the energy behind things that are made individually by individuals. Welcome to my world!

I consider costuming an art, and when I make clothing I try to make each item a miniature piece of wearable art for whatever/whomever I am making it for. If I am making dolls or critters, I want each one to be different from each other. I like things to have a personality. I use very high quality materials to construct everything I make. Price reflects cost of materials, but more often is indicative of artistry, skill and time involved. What you see is basically the culmination of what I have applied myself to since forever. It's everything I know how to do and have been working towards at that moment. Hopefully my work gets better as I progress, so that there is little point in looking back. Working in miniature takes far less materials, but often not really much less time or less skill. I can design and construct in human scale, as well, and everything in between, so I know just exactly what goes into clothing design and construction and how much effort it takes. I think I offer you very good value. I put so much time into things and each piece has a lot of energy put into it. I hope you will have a look through my store to see what I can offer you. Hopefully you will be pleasantly surprised.

I have been making art dolls since 2001. I have had dolls in art galleries throughout Vermont from 2003. I was chosen as an artist for the Cabot Best of Vermont event in NYC. I have had a doll in the Auguste Clown Gallery in Melbourne, of which I am especially proud. My dolls have been published in major doll magazines. Before all of that, I was a quilt artist, and before that a milliner. For awhile here on Etsy I sold primarily doll hats in all size ranges. In 2009 I became interested in Blythe dolls and focused on hats and other items for Blythe for 5 years. Most of my own Blythe and other dolls, which you see photographed are customized by me. My interest in miniatures is pretty peaked right now. I love 1/12 scale and love what can be done with it.




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