clayguyry's Shop Announcement

Welcome to my shop! Each piece is wheel thrown and unique in its own way. A majority of my work is Raku fired, for decoration only, but I have more recently decided to head into functional ware, so keep your eyes peeled for mugs, bowls, and other utilitarian products.

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Life is like a Raku pot, you never know what you are going to get. I think this is why my passion has come to be such a spontaneous process. Not knowing what the outcome should be, there is little room for disappointment and only room for embracing the element of surprise.

I built my first Raku kiln in 2007 during my senior year of high school. I continued to use that kiln until early this year when I decided it was time to recreate my faithful companion.

Although I leave a majority of my work a single copper-tone glaze. I also have developed a style of raku which gives me a small deal of control where I express my personality and the structure of my mind. I use an auto pin stripping tape to mask off area where I like the clay to remain black and then alternate between a white and a copper glaze.

After I decide to apply my tape resist or just leave the vase the plain copper glaze, I then apply the glaze to each piece by hand brushing the glaze on each piece, the pot is then placed within the kiln. I fire the kiln to nearly 2000 degrees Fahrenheit in 30-40 minutes where I then remove the top of the kiln and transfer the pots into a garbage can while the glaze is molten hot. The garbage can is filled with combustible materials which are ignited as soon as the red hot pots are placed in the post firing reduction chamber. At this point the atmosphere within the can can be placed in reduction or oxidation, each reacting with the copper a little differently yielding one of a kind results each firing.

In my 7 years of working exclusively with this glazing technique, I have learned to persuade my glaze to go into the copper tones or greens, which allows me to better cater to the customers needs. Whether you are looking for a gift idea or something special for yourself, I believe that you will find my Raku pottery to be exactly what you were looking for.


Like my fellow potters, I sometimes have items come out of the kiln with small imperfections: glaze on the foot of the piece, chip in the lip, cracked but not broken etc. Depending upon the type and size of the flaw, I try to sell these pieces for 30 to 50% off. I know that other potters may choose to sell these works for their full price, but I prefer to discount them. I dont have a ton of these works, but if I do list them I will inform you of the imperfection and provide a detailed photo showing exactly what the flaw is.


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