clientlondon's Shop Announcement

I started the lifestyle brand Client as I wanted to turn the UK electronic band, Client, which I co-formed, into a brand. Client, the band, played loud electronica, toured the world and made 4 albums- the first two on Andy Fletcher from Depeche Mode’s label. We wore uniforms on-stage and off-stage and embraced the strictness of the look. We wanted to show that you can wear a uniform and still be edgy. It was what you didn’t reveal that was interesting..

The Client unisex lifestyle brand is both utilitarian and sexy and transforms the uniform into Military Chic. Imagine an English spy running down in an alleyway in deepest Berlin listening to French techno. This is Client.

I spent 2 years sourcing all the designs, post-war garments and material in the UK and found a small ethical factory in London to make up my clothes. They are not mass- manufactured and are made to order.

I have a line “remade in Britain” which takes post cold war clothes and accessories and re-makes them sustainably with a modern twist.

I hope you love wearing your uniform as much as I do!

Love Client A

Work hard, play hard.

Uniforms for Day and Night

Client… satisfaction guaranteed.