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Las Vegas, Nevada

clinejewels is currently not selling on Etsy We’re here if you need help with an order from this shop. Have questions? Visit our Help Center.

clinejewels is currently not selling on Etsy

We’re here if you need help with an order from this shop. Have questions? Visit our Help Center.

Shop policies

Last updated on July 23, 2013
Welcome to Cline Jewels. I will do my best to make your shopping experience one that you will want to come back to and tell all you friends and family about.
I have a small studio that I work in every day. I will be updating my shop on a weekly basis along with adding new designs as I get them finished along with new strands of Gemstones and Findings of all kinds. I will continue to look for new suppliers so that I may get all sorts of jewelry making items that are unusual and different but appealing to everyone including your youngsters. You will want to come back often to see what's new this week in jewelry and in jewelry making supplies.

Accepted payment methods

Returns and exchanges
There will be a 10% restocking fee for any and all returns for exchanges and refunds and you will be responsible for any and all shipping charges and fees of any kind that is charged to me that in turn will be charged to you before refund of money or exchange for a different item or size of item.
Any damaged items will be replaced or exchanged. Although in order to keep costs down I would like an explanation of the damaged item with a picture of the damage part to be repaired so that we may resolve the issue without any extra cost to you or myself. Of course I will do my very best to not let this happen. To show that an item broke in shipping please set your digital camera so today's date so that it will show on the picture as it is taken. Take the picture with the packing materials in the picture with the broken item and the date on the film of the picture. Please edit so that I can see the picture clearly to see the broken or damaged item. I will then send you a list of options to chose from in order to take care of the problem together in a timely manner. Please keep a happy smile knowing that we will work the problem out to both of our satisfaction. If the item breaks within 30 days of you having it through no fault of your own, ( We are all on the honor system as we work together) please do the same as you would if it came to you broken. I am sure you will no longer have the packing materials by then so not to worry. Please send a dated picture(s) of the item in several angles and edited so that I may see it clearly. Also please explain how the item was damaged/broken. There are items that are vintage that get purchased for resale that are not the best of product and the fact is not known until a customer has a problem. If several customers have the same problem in the same time frame the item(s) will be discontinued and all other customers that have purchased the item will be notified and will have the option to keep it or send it back for exchange of another item. You will also have that option to exchange it for another item and if the item is more then the cost of the damaged item then you will pay the difference before it is sent to you.
There is no refund or exchange for custom made jewelry. You will need to pay 50% down on the project before I start it and the rest plus shipping before it is sent. We will work very closely on the project via internet so that there will be satisfaction for both parties. Once sent it is yours. If you should decide to terminate the project before done You will receive a refund of all but the cost of the materials used to that point plus a $20.00 fee for the inconvenience on my part. Once the item is sold, If it can be sold then you will receive the cost of the materials back to you plus $5.00 of the cancellation fee of $20.00. If it can not be sold then you will not receive any of the fees back for materials or of the cancellation fee. If it does not get sold then you will not receive any of the materials fee or the $5.00 of the cancellation fee back until it does sell. If the item is not finished and can not be finished then you will receive all back except the materials used and $20.00 for the cancellation fee. If it is an item that cannot be finished or sold to anyone else you will have to pay for materials that cannot be reused such as any and all wire, threads, glues and findings of any kind including cones and clasps if unable to use them on another project. In this case the cost will come out of the 50% along with the $20.00 cancellation fee and the rest will be refunded to you as promptly as possible.
I take Pay Pal only. It is the safest way for me and for you to pay for your orders. Pay Pal allows you to make payment in many different ways that is convenient for you, including credit cards, debit cards, e-checks and what ever other payment method you require that they may have. I do know of these payment methods listed.

Taxes will be added to any and all orders where applicable. The state of Nevada has required me to pay sales tax's on any and all sales of any items in my store. Nevada residents: When making your purchase, you will be paying the tax amount for your county on your purchase at check out. It will automatically be added to your invoice.

Exchange fees: You have three days to examine your purchase for exchange. There will be a 10% re-stalking fee not to exceed $10.00 and you will be responsible for any and all shipping costs. You are also responsible for pay pal fees of refunding of money of the product sent back. What ever that may be. If the product that you want in exchange for the items sent back, is more then what the funds paid minus re-stalking fee and shipping of first product is, then you will need to pay the amount over and above plus shipping and handling fee before I send the new product to you. It is wise to make sure that the product you are purchasing meets your requirements in jewelry making supplies. Also please make sure that the handmade jewelry or vintage and or rings is what you want and the size is correct so that it will not cost you any extra funds for a exchange for a different size. It costs me money for you to send items back for exchange or refund and that will be passed on to you and not to any other customers.
For any cancellations: If you cancel your order before it is sent there will be no re-stalking fee And you will pay the handling fee for the products used to package your items and the postage shipping label fee if one has been made before cancellation. Once you place your order I immediately put your package together with postage paid shipping label just as soon as it is seen by me that pay pal has been paid for the order. There will also be a Pay Pal fee that is charged to me for the return of your funds and that fee will be transferred to you. If you cancel after I send your item then you will be responsible for the shipping fee and a 10% re stalking fee. Pay Pal charges me a return of funds fee and that will be passed on to you. If you open the package before you send it back then you will be responsible for the return shipping fee as well. once returned I will send your refund minus shipping and 10% re-stalking fee along with the Pay Pal refund fee. . See exchange fees.
Items will not be shipped until they are paid in full and the money is in my business account.
If you have any other suggestions on payment I am open to it.
e-mail me at clinejewels [!at] and I will discuss what you have in mind.
The United States Of America
I ship by USPS 1st class mail and you will receive your order in 2 to 3 days at the maximum in the US depending on where you live. Very seldom is it any longer then that and you will receive a tracking number with your shipping confirmation from your Etsy invoice once checked off for shipped.

The Rest Of The World
I ship by USPS 1st class mail and you will receive your order in 5 to 7 days but if customs puts a hold on your package it could be 10 business days and up to 25 business days depending on where you live in the world. That has only happened twice since I have been mailing around the world. During the holidays it is wise to make sure you order in time to receive it in time for you to wrap it for gift giving.

Wrapping For Holiday or Birthday Gift Giving
For a Fee depending of the size of package, I can wrap it for you with the style and color of wrapping paper and ribbon you require with the name of the recipient on the packages. Once gift wrapped it will also be wrapped in brown butcher paper to cover the gift wrap of the package for yours and my safety. I also can send the packages to the address you would like but you will be responsible for all shipping and handling fees along with the wrapping fee. If you purchase more then one item and want each item sent to a different address then you will be responsible for the shipping fee for each and every item shipped to a different address. Arrangements must be made before the purchase of items is done so that I may add the extra costs of shipping to more then 1 address and for the wrapping of the gifts. This policy includes the United States as well as all other Countries in the World or should I say the is my World Wide Policy for gift wrapped purchase's going to a different address other then the one posted on Pay Pal.

The Gift wrapping holidays include: Birthdays, Anniversary of any kind, Graduations, all holidays including Christmas day, Valentines day, St Patrick's day, Easter day, 4th of July, Memorial day, Veterans day, Halloween day, New Years Eve and Day, and any and all days that have been put aside for famous people. Also Days that are just because you want to or thinking of you and Get well soon days. You can also make up your own day for gift giving as long as I am aware of what your needs are for the wrapping, ribbon, any special packaging, card if required, and address other then the one posted on Pay Pal and also if more then one gift going to different addresses.
Additional policies and FAQs
I will do my best to make all customers happy. If for some reason you are unhappy with your purchase you will have my e-mail address that you may use to resolve any and all issues. I am sure that if we work together we can come up with a solution that will be satisfactory for both sides. I want every one to be happy with there purchase's. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to e-mail me. I always am open to any suggestions.
All custom made jewelry will be required to pay half down to 75% down depending on the item wanted to be made, before the piece is started and will be paid in full with the shipping costs before shipment is made.