clockworkbeetle's Shop Announcement

Salutations and felicitations to all and sundry!

Welcome to Clockwork beetle Curiosities!
All of my creations and curiosities are created with a large dose of whimsy, and are just the thing to perk up your wardrobe, and drive off melancholia.
Medals, stick, lapel, and cravat pins are my specialty! I also make brooches and necklaces, and other bits of finery.
I have recently taken a shine to antique cosmetic and drug labels and advertisements, and also the magnificent 1890's through 1950's trading cards that used to accompany bottles of beef extract.
These bits of history have been transmuted into jewelry and framed altered art creations.

I spend a lot of time haunting estate and garage sales, antique and thrift stores for inspiration. I take apart old clocks and watches for their lovely innards. I also delight in looking at the world just slightly askew, to see how unexpected things and random bits might make a whole new creation.

The rest is just clamping, gluing, soldering and sweat and giggles.

Some of my favorite media to utilize issue from the natural and supernatural worlds, such as Jewel beetle (Sternocera Aequis) Elytra (the outer chitinous wings of the insect). These lovely, iridescent, lighter than a feather bits of insect armor are truly a wonder. The Beetles are sustainably farmed in Thailand, where they are considered a tasty treat locally, and the Elytra are the castoffs! Be the first one on your Airship to sport some fine buggish bits soon!

I also love "Day of the Dead" themes, gears, chains, and antique shiny bits to delight the Steampunk or Gothic Crow in anyone...

I'm always looking for new inspiration, so check back often, to see what my fevered mind has birthed into this, or alternate universes... (Err, for other than this plane of existence, postage might be a bit more, and no guarantees of a delivery date, but I'll do my best!)

All jewelry creations are one of a kind and will never exactly be repeated. Rest assured that your item will be as individual as its new owner.

Thank you for perusing my wears, and I hope that I can be of service to you!

Your Servant in all things Bauble-ish,
Maizie Teasworth,
Barbara Goldman