closuresremnants' Shop Announcement

My motto is: "If it holds still long enough I'll make a piece of jewelry out of it!" :) I have always seen objects in a different light than their original purpose. So...a button is now an earring or bracelet link...a buckle is a brooch...a vintage earring is changed up for the better.

I use old objects for their charm...and tweak them to be worn by todays' woman. They are conversation pieces and so much fun to wear!

"Closures" is my jewelry line made from antique and vintage buttons, buckles, cufflinks....anything that originally was used to "close" something.

"Remnants" is my jewelry line made from anything else. Mainly pieces of antique and vintage costume jewelry...but I have been known to use cow tags, game pieces, watch parts etc.

My studio is smoke free. Thanks for visiting!