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(formerly ShadowWorkArt)

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Please read my shop policies. Lots of answers to lots of questions reside there.

Last updated on Apr 15, 2016

"Like" my shop on facebook! Facebook.com/JacobReebArt
Instagram - @jacobreebart
Please read my shop policies. Lots of answers to lots of questions reside there.

Jacob Reeb

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Jacob Reeb


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Michele Kerzner

Michele Kerzner on Jul 3, 2015

5 out of 5 stars

Amazing one of a kind piece of art

Tracy Bridges

Tracy Bridges on Jun 16, 2015

5 out of 5 stars

Highly detailed exquisite piece. Very proud to have finally been able to add this artists work to my collection.

Rheanna Brownlee

Rheanna Brownlee on Jun 12, 2015

5 out of 5 stars

This item is absolutely amazing, it is such high quality and just lovely to display. I am also super excited that I received one of the ones I wanted! Shipping was fast, it came sooner that expected! Thank you, Jacob.

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  • Jacob M. Reeb

    Owner, Sculptor, Sorcerer

    Born January 19, 1987 during a blizzard in the Scottish town of Dundee. Some time later I played with some play-doh. Now I sculpt things with super sculpey. I also drink stupid amounts of coffee.

Shop policies

Last updated on September 4, 2016
Welcome to my shop!

My goal with my Etsy shop is to make things very easy to understand and to have as much information available to you before you purchase any art of mine. But if anything is ever unclear, please, don't hesitate to contact me.

Accepted payment methods

  • Pay with Visa
  • Pay with Master Card
  • Pay with American Express
  • Pay with Discover
  • Pay with PayPal

All payments must be made within 3 days of purchase. All payments must be made with paypal. You can run credit card purchases through paypal without actually having an account.

If you don't have a paypal account, I highly encourage you to get one. If you simply don't want to, then please contact me PRIOR TO PLACING AN ORDER. I promise to try and work with you.

Please remember to include a shipping address in your order!

*UPDATE 9/4/2016* None of my listings have a default shipping price for international orders. If you are outside of the US and want to purchase something of mine, please contact me and we can work something out.

*UPDATE 5/22/2013* If something comes back to me marked "RETURN TO SENDER", then one of two things happens.
1. I contact you for a different shipping address. Then, I make a custom listing for you to pay for shipping again. Once shipping is paid, I resend the item. I will not try the same address again.
2. I refund your payment to your paypal account, minus the cost of shipping, and relist the item.

I ship everything through USPS. If you want tracking info, delivery confirmation, etc, please contact me BEFORE you place the order.

I will normally ship your item within 3 days of payment, depending on what day of the week you placed the order, how I'm feeling that day, whether or not I need to go buy more boxes or packing tape, etc. In the event that I need more time (car broke down, wife is sick, got abducted by aliens, etc) I will contact you ASAP. If something that I do causes you to have to wait forever for your items to ship, then please expect freebies in addition to your order. I hate waiting for things to arrive in the mail, so if I make you wait, I'll make it worth your while.

USPS gives a 5-10 day estimated time for delivery. I have had previous orders get to their destination in 2 days, and also some that took the full 10 days. I have never heard a complaint about delivery time and I hope it stays that way!

FOR INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: I can't provide tracking. I'll send you the customs number that the post office gives me, but beyond that, I can't do much. If you want something other than what I've said above, please contact me BEFORE placing an order.

*UPDATE 10/13/11* PLEASE Make sure the address that accompanies your order is your current address. If the address is wrong because you didn't make sure it was right, then please read the above bit about "RETURN TO SENDER"

Refunds and Exchanges
I sincerely hope that you love the item you purchased. But in the event that you don't, I'll try my absolute best not to cry and lose self-esteem as an artist.

(Summary at the bottom if you don't like reading.)

The item(s) may be returned within two weeks from the date of purchase. They must be in the same condition which in which they were shipped. The cost of shipping for the return of the item(s) will be incurred by the customer. After I receive the item(s) a full refund of the purchase price will be sent to your PayPal account.

Furthermore, I make every effort to make my jewelry "durable." By durable I mean, it will be fine while you're wearing it, it will be fine while you are storing it, and you can *probably* drop it with no incident.

Durable does not mean:
-Safe to give to your three year old
-Safe to give to your cats
-Safe to hit with a hammer
-Safe to toss loose in your purse and forget about it for weeks
-Safe to treat it like Earth's yellow sun made it invulnerable

Basically, treat your jewelry like jewelry. If you are careless, it could break.

For the customized vinyl figures, PRETEND THEY ARE SUPER FRAGILE! In all actuality, they are pretty durable, but don't ever count on that. I try my best to avoid having lots of little bits poking out just begging to be broken off, but sometimes protrusions are necessary...and cool. Horns, teeth, claws, etc, are especially vulnerable to breakage if they are dropped. So don't drop them. Any damage caused by dropping, smacking, falling, etc, is on you.

As noted in ALL listings, please treat them like they are ceramic figures.

I use a heat gun to cure most of my pieces. This allows me to have a bit more control over getting an even cure. More often than not, I am so careful to get a full and complete cure that I end up burning bits (no worries, I paint over it and most of the time just like the new texture I got from the burn). So, my pieces are fully cured, and therefore have a durability kind of like ceramic pottery. I coat them in Varathane, a polyurethane varnish, to preserve the paint job.

Copper wire bends. I bent it to make whatever it is that you are interested in. IT CAN BEND AGAIN. I specifically make things that will resist everyday wear and tear, but I can't do magic (yet). So if stepped on, chewed on, bumped violently, copper wire-creations could bend out of shape. This is not to say that they can't be bent right back, but it is to say that care must be taken.

-Please don't hate what you bought, I'll get all sad and stuff.
-Refunds given within two weeks, provided item is undamaged and unaltered and shipped back to me.
-Nothing I make is invincible, be as careful with it as you would a piece of jewelry your significant other gave to you or an original painting that you hang on your wall. It's a combination of both to me.
-Polymer clay is clay. Clay is not metal. Clay can break if treated poorly.
-Copper wire is metal, but it's bendy and woogly. Just be careful with it.

Additional policies and FAQs
Yes, I will take custom orders. I'm not sure how everyone else in the world does it, but here's what I think works:

1. You contact me asking if I could make a (insert thing) kind of like (insert one of my listed items) but more (insert adjectives and detailed descriptions) and (insert colors) instead of (insert colors) and a size (insert size).
2. I reply, saying that I will either (a) definitely give it a try and also give you a timeline for when I can get it done and a proposed price, or (b) apologize and regretfully explain that such an idea does not interest me at this time or that I don't think I could create something like your idea with good results or that I don't think I have the time right now (which should be rare).
3. If I tell you I'll give it a shot, I'll make it. Depending on the level of personalization, I may require a deposit. Basically, if you ask for something personal to you that I wouldn't be able to sell to the general public, I'll require a deposit. It will be part of the total price and will be non-refundable. Unless like, someone dies and I need to bail on the project altogether for some emergency. Then I'll refund the deposit.
4. I complete the idea and send you pictures of it.
5. If you like it, I create a custom listing for you. If you don't, then I simply list the item normally for anyone to purchase and either (a) try again, or (b) apologize and feel a little bad. If I took a deposit, and you don't like what I made...things get weird. Let's try to avoid this. In-progress pictures sent constantly help to prevent such a situation.
6. Hopefully, happiness and satisfaction for both parties.

*Special note on custom orders: If you say something like, "Make me a custom Munny! I want a Venom/Spiderman/Darth Vader/Dwight from The Office/etc...", I will say no. I'm pretty much never interested in doing things like that. I try to do "original" ideas only. No "characters". My favorite thing is when someone looks through my stuff, recognizes my style, and asks for some sort of combo of details they've seen on my past work, with maybe a small challenge involved. A good example of this was when I was asked to recreate a previous piece but to paint it different colors. Anywho, I welcome ideas, just no "characters".

Everyone is inspired by something or someone. If I make something that had an specific inspiration, I will note it in the item description. If you see something and think "Hey, I saw someone do something like that! He's copying them!", then it is likely that I am. What? Did I really just say that? I have no bad feelings about seeing something someone else did and trying my hand at it...with my own spin on it. And I encourage others to steal from me as much as they want. But like, at least do some details differently or try to put your own spin on something. And if my work inspires you to make something similar, I'll always appreciate a shout out.

Seriously, if something I do makes you want to try it, we all win. Inspiration begets inspiration. Please, by all means, steal my ideas.

"It's not what you take, but where you take it."