coffeepurse's Shop Announcement

I would like to share with you fashionable designs and innovative fun ideas that embrace coffee and art!

COFFEE PURSE has been featured:
Right here in Seattle at the University of Washington at the Burke Museum and in Portland OR at the World Forestry Center at - Coffee: The World In Your Cup - An exhibit that explores the fascinating world behind the coffee we drink. Focusing on environmental and social impacts of the coffee industry, the exhibit recommends ways for consumers to make responsible coffee purchases at the grocery store or in a coffee shop.

Each item at Coffee Purse is unique, from the weave to the print and even the distressing from transfer. Imperfections are common and of course make them one of a kind. Sizes vary depending on the original bag they were cut from.

These original handmade items are created from reclaimed coffee sacks obtained from local Seattle coffee importers. Once containing green coffee that was hand picked, naturally processed, and shipped from around the world in enormous jute sacks.

Jute is a rough fiber made from the stems of a tropical Old World plant, used for making twine and rope or woven into sacking or matting. Similar to burlap; a canvas woven from jute, hemp, or a similar fiber.

Much of the writing you see indicates information about the coffee, such as the varietal, how it was processed, crop dates, weight, and where it was grown. The images are often logos of the farms, cooperatives, mills, organic certifications, and countries of origin.

Images on Messenger Bags, Purses, and Totes have been hand treated/preserved with a clear nontoxic acrylic. Images are PERMANENT: they won't fade, bleed, or rub off on your clothes in rain or humidity. When coffee is being processed and shipped, if water, or moisture were to come in contact with the jute sack the coffee is in, the entire contents (hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of coffee) would essentially be ruined. So, in these conditions there would be no need to preserve the images, but in urban metropolitan settings, where we have more extreme weather, the images are subjected to wind, rain, spills, humidity, and need to be preserved to last more then a couple weeks of constant use to keep looking new. Items that have not been preserved include: Pillows and pillowcases, wallets, make-up/cosmetic bags and notebooks. *Please check the listing for details, or convo me with any concerns regarding product care.

Using reclaimed items promotes healthy environmental practices. Reducing and reusing are two key facrs of of recycling that Coffee Purse strives to promote. By using reclaimed jute coffee sacks to create new usable items is one way to reuse items that would have previously gone into landfill.

Go fashionably green with this reclaimed item!