colourwheeling's Shop Announcement

Welcome to Colourwheels! Flip down your kickstand and stay for a while. Free parking for bicycles!

Colourwheels cruises through all the colours of the spectrum with a freewheeling spirit. Here you can find a kaleidoscopic melange of fashion and accessories – a spectrum of aesthetics as diverse as the segments of the colour wheel.

Journey into the handmade, the local, the mixed, the matched, the customised, and the recycled. Customise your personal style with a little bit of everything.

Colourwheels is proudly based in Indonesia. We support local and Southeast Asian products.We make our own recycled paper packaging for your goodies, and we’re constantly on the lookout for new ways to infuse life with a sustainable ethos. We hope you enjoy the visit!

We are vegans and support veganism and anything environmental friendly for a good cause!

Why choose black and monotone when you can choose all the colours of the world?
Why go "leather" when you can go all "Natural"?
Why don't we make a little effort to re-create and re-make packaging?
Why are we afraid and retreat to conformity?