conquerjewellery's Shop Announcement

A commanding fusion of industrial and organic aesthetic, Design + Conquer is jewellery gone rogue.

DC’s new Topographica collection pushes aesthetic boundaries with thermoplastics, reflective signage material, and industrial hardware. Inspired by topographic maps, trail makers and the 1980s Blackcomb Mountain logo, Design + Conquer’s newest collection is armed and ready to satisfy your retrofuturistic needs. View the Topographica preview video here.

Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, Design + Conquer continues to make its mark worldwide. Whether on stage with bands Stars, Dragonette and Stripmall Architecture, on the runway at Toronto Fashion Week, or in Design Milk, DC’s innovative presence commands attention in an array of arenas. Click here to view DC in Harper’s Bazaar Singapore.

Art direction, custom design for the stage, graphic and industrial design unite in full-force to set Design + Conquer apart from the crowd. Design + Conquer is available in boutiques across Canada and online.

Designer Morgan Mallett
Canadian designer Morgan Mallett reflects her eclectic experience in her varied and unique design activities. With a background in graphic design, illustration and video editing, the multidisciplinary designer is passionate about blurring the boundaries between design disciplines, and charting new aesthetic territory through the use of innovative processes.

Recent awards and honours: Winner of VNB's Vancouver's top Creatives [Fashion Category] 2014; Shortlist for Western Living magazine’s ‘Designers of the Year’ award in the fashion and jewellery category [2011]; Sole Canadian designer represented at ETSY's first international office opening exhibition [Berlin, Germany, 2010].