ContessaCreate's Shop Announcement

WELCOME BACK!!! The Holidays are here and there is a lot of prices slashed and bundled.

The winds of change blow, and our bodies crave delicious divine elixirs and attention. NEW CUSTOMIZED OIL READINGS, are what's new. Changing seasons can bring imbalance to our divinely sensitive systems. Come in and find what your body craves from a beauty line based in divine nature. For the fun bliss of it, CHECK OUT THE LATEST IN DIVINE COSTUME ACCESSORIES!

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Health and beauty have been pulled apart over the years. This collection of beauty products is based in the philosophy that health is beauty. All products are created to improve over all balance and health, which in turn glows to beauty. Life emerges in the revival of spring! Delicious odors swim in glass bottles, and jewelry and gems learn to fly. Come browse with your fantasy and take home what you will. Contessa's CANNIBAL Beauty Line, traveling merchandise, medicinal eyeliner made from purely ancient resins and soothing oils are contained within (seasonal). A new product will be arriving just in time for the hottest months so come back and visit. Make your beauty your ritual.

Cannot wait to see you all again on the long twisty road, but till then we'll get our divine on!