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Welcome to my cool world of bohemian beaded jewelry ... modern luxe beaded jewelry ... wire wrapped and often organic natural stone jewelry. Boutique wearable art.

Approximately 200 items are currently not listed in the shop so you may wish to stop back now and then to see what shows up.

Handmade cool and boutique jewelry is offered with an emphasis on unique, color, and texture .... where designing begins with eclectic ... and the magic is in the details.

... I now offer LAY-AWAY ......... yay ....... so if that sounds good, check it out here by scrolling to the bottom of the shop policies page -- may be found under any lead photo:
or ..........

I love *quality* stuff. So when I am shopping for jewelry components, I naturally look for what appeals to me ... but with *you* in mind ... the shopper who seeks unique and values details. I design with intent ... and my goal is to bring you a great experience without compromising quality. I want you to be happy ... *really* happy with any product of mine.

One of a kind (OOAK) wearable art for independent thinkers, and designs to fit any lifestyle are right here. Two key signatures: mixed metals and randomness and/or asymmetrical... but a huge part of that randomness is intentional. And why? To give you many more options in wearing these eclectic pieces. And I am bringing back the pendant necklace. Love its simplicity.

Am very pleased to bring you jewelry that ranges from bohemian chic and urban ... to classic, romantic and minimalist ... and much more. You will see prices ranging from low to high ... and for good reason, so please ask about something if it seems puzzling to you. My motto is every gal deserves to feel special! ((And to that end I opened which is a much lower price point.))

My love of organic earthy stones (natural) is evident, plus a heavy use of lampwork glass and authentic Murano glass. It is important to note that when you purchase a bohemian beaded bracelet, for example, that incorporates lampwork glass, you benefit from the creative process of two artists.

Thank you for visiting!

cooljewelrydesign's Shop Policies


WELCOME to my shop, I really appreciate your time visiting, as I know that is a precious commodity.

PLEASE KNOW THIS: I do not buy in bulk (on purpose) unless it's a staple bead/stone used in several designs. I scour the earth for *different* so that you feel special wearing a piece by cooljewelrydesign. I specifically do not wish to crank out multiples, with the exception of a very few stretch bracelets.

I hunt down the most excellent ingredients, natural and otherwise different stones, lampwork, Murano glass,etc. The designs are with you in mind ... many stretch bracelets, for example, have TWO focals = 2 bracelets in 1. That is value added. MOST are one of a kind pieces of wearable art. 80% of the sterling silver is Karen Hill Tribe ... 99.9% silver.

YOU are special ... and deserve special.

L A Y - A W A Y ... scroll way down under Additional Info.



I think open communications are important. I like to extend the highest level of customer service and look forward to being as helpful as possible = I want you to be a happy customer. ((I put myself in *your* shoes))

JEWELRY RESIZING seems to crop up now and then ... refer to that policy ..... WAY DOWN the page ...

My promise to you: most rules fly out the window when you are a regular client ... do I want your business? I do. I believe in being super fair and think what I have described under LENGTHENING ... way down ... is basic and to the point.


RESERVING an item: More than happy to reserve an item for up to and including 3 days. After that, the reserved status is removed ... and the item is released back into Etsy Land. No exceptions.

Happy to answer any questions via convo.

Well ... that is certainly unfortunate for both of us ... contact me immediately and we will discuss what happened ... and certainly work out a workable solution. This will result in buyer paying for:

--return shipping to me with insurance
--shipping from me back to you
--if solutions I devise do not meet your approval, please by all means return for a full shop credit minus 15% restocking fee.

If *we* decide to rework the piece and it requires time and materials ... that will be discussed on a case by case basis.

I use the best materials that are available, but even they can be flawed. Accidents happen, perhaps it is not the materials or design ... and something gets caught or dropped ... was a clasp closed fully ... life happens, let's just be real with each other.


Payment is due within 3 days of the date of purchase. Thereafter, I have no choice but to re-list the item.

/// CUSTOM ORDERS \\\: 50% is required upfront (non-refundable) and the balance is due when I send you a photo for approval.

A custom order is comprised of me making a requested item from scratch ... or changing an existing piece of jewelry to meet a specific request of yours that goes beyond shortening or lengthening *as is.* A photo of the finished product will be sent either via convo or email.

Try to be as thorough in your description of what you would like ... or what adjustment you need, etc., because I want you to be happy with the end result ... and I can only go on what I *hear* you say. And maybe a little phone time is in order at this point. Trust me, I want you to be totally happy.


Please note that shipping has gone up significantly.


■ Your purchase will be shipped via USPS First Class (2-5 day delivery) with delivery confirmation on all items. You will be sent tracking information when your order is shipped. Due to the one-of-a-kind nature of my product, cooljewelrydesign will insure your purchase to domestic US ... if you think the shipping fee went up ... that is why. Also shipping is based on weight

During crunch times (holidays or your personal deadlines; i.e., birthday gift), consider upgrading to 2-3 day delivery time ... trust me, this is a tiny fee.

Please provide a full street address for shipping. Please make sure the address on your paypal account is your current accurate address, if that is your preferred method of payment. Etsy and Paypal info should match.


I ship internationally under the following conditions:

I reserve the right to refuse to process any order or to refuse to ship to certain countries.

PROCESSING of international orders takes longer. Please allow 1-2 extra business days to accommodate this.

MOST ORDERS are shipped by International First Class Mail. with the small customs label. ((You will receive the customs label number as proof of shipping.)) Delivery for most shipments is estimated by the US Post Office at 7-10 days. Although most parcels arrive in this time frame, there can be delays due to many factors including higher volume of mail, increased security concerns and time to clear customs.

There have been instances of international parcels taking 3-4 weeks to arrive. I have no control over the postal services and therefore cannot guarantee arrival dates or give credit for delays in shipping.

If you order does not arrive within 30 days, I can place a claim with the US Post Office for a lost parcel. Under US Postal regulations, this is the earliest I can ask for a claim inquiry. It can take an additional 30 days for the Post Office to investigate.

Customs, Duty Tax and VAT - Your parcel may be subject to a customs, duty or VAT tax. The regulations concerning whether or not your order will apply vary by country and it is the obligation of the consumer to obtain information concerning these taxes and pay them if necessary. You can usually obtain this information by contacting your postal office or customs office. I will not falsify any information on the customs forms.

■ You are responsible for any customs fees. Note: There is no insurance or delivery confirmation on international shipments -- without an upgrade.

■ Once items leave my hands, I cannot be responsible for their fate, so I recommend insurance.

■ Please contact me via Etsy convo or email regarding shipping--one way or the other. If you wish to insure your purchase, which I RECOMMEND, please contact me for insurance rates.

■ Also please contact me if you wish to waive insurance and, if so, the responsibility for any package arriving safely at your door will rest with you.

■ Where multiple items have been ordered, it will save $$ if I do not gift box each item -- entirely up to you. Where this situation applies, PLEASE include this information in your note to me.

■ Any significant shipping overpayment (in excess of $2 over costs) is cheerfully refunded. cooljewelrydesign reserves the right to refuse service to customers with negative feedback and to certain countries without a commitment to insurance on the purchase.

I take great care to pack everything so it arrives as I would hope to receive something myself.

Refunds and Exchanges

I want you to be 100% happy with your purchase. If you are unsatisfied with an item for any reason, please convo (Etsy message) me ASAP so we can discuss rescue tactics.

You are more than welcome to return something in its original condition within one week after receiving it for a refund, as long as nothing is damaged. The item must be in perfect condition and shipped insured with a delivery confirmation-- shipping fees are not refunded.

■ There will be a 15% RESTOCKING fee on returned items; once your item is gone from my shop it is out of circulation and cannot be seen by anyone else; upon its return, I have to relist the returned item and pay Etsy a fee. So your refund = the cost of the item minus 15%.

■ If you return an item for any reason, that does not meet your standards ... and I have tried all rescue tactics ... and we still do not have a meeting of the minds ... please return for a shop credit minus 15%.

■ No refund will be issued for custom orders.

■ Guys, shop with confidence ... hey, I know it's not always easy pleasing a woman ... but she is more than welcome to return for a shop credit and select something of her choice ... we can work out the details together.

■ Damage and loss (during transit) are covered by the shipping policies above. If the insurance is waived, cooljewelrydesign cannot be held responsible for damages and loss.

■ cooljewelrydesign is now insuring to domestic US ... only.

Additional Policies and FAQs


Now offering lay-away plans.

$15.00 fee (non-refundable)
20% down (non-refundable)
Up to 8 weeks to pay off, but you may choose fewer weeks--up to you.
Your Item ships after the last payment clears.

■Choose what you would like for lay-away, and convo me.
■I will set up reserve listings for you (your name) and mail you the links -- they are yours to use to pay off your item/s per the number of weeks selected, or sooner -- up to you.
■The first will be the down payment plus the $15.00 fee (non-refundable) .
■The others will be your payments that need to be made every 2 weeks (refundable).
■After the final payment clears, I will ship your item.

The $15.00 fee is to cover additional fees that I incur from Etsy.
The fee and down payment are non-refundable, since the item is held for you, and not able to be promoted for sale.

Please make your payments every 2 weeks. If there is a problem please convo me. If you are over 7 days late on a payment, and have not made prior arrangements with me, the item will be placed back for sale. All payments, less the $15.00 fee and the 20% down will be refunded to you.

If you need different arrangements other than the every 2 week payments, please convo me and I will be happy to try and accommodate you.

Example: Item costs $89.00
Day 1 is a Monday - 20% 17.80 + 15.00 = $32.80 (non-refundable)
Week 2 - Monday $17.80 owed by retrieving a reserved listing*
Week 4 - Monday $17.80 .......... ditto ..............
Week 6 - Monday $17.80 .......... ditto ..............
Week 8 - Monday $17.80 + shipping

*I will email you the listings; each one will have its own URL and marked (1) ... (2) ... (3) ... (4) ... (5) ...... pretty easy


■ Happy to re-size bracelets as long as I still have the necessary supplies...or we can get creative, including other stones/beads. [please read bracelet sizing policy below]

■ ALL one strand bracelets: adjustment to shorten is free of charge, buyer agrees to pay for all shipping.

■ See further down for LENGTHENING policy.


Thoughts on Bracelet sizing:

We all choose to wear bracelets a bit differently--some very snug, others a bit on the loose side. So that is why this policy exists ... to allow for resizing. Large chunky stones will take up much more space vs. a delicate please don't take your favorite bracelet and measure how long it is--that does not apply. Your are unique and so is your wrist size.

Rule of Thumb:

Stretch bracelets should likely fall exactly where your wristwatch does.

ALL OTHER bracelets--well, that is a personal choice, as you may enjoy wearing a bracelet that slides a bit below your wrist bone; so if your wrist is 6 inches ... a 6.5 - 6.75 inch bracelet would be comfortable (example) And it's always wise to leave 1/4 inch of play with a toggle clasp.


Accurate wrist measurement is incredibly important with bracelets for the best and most comfortable fit. I use a dowel to size each bracelet. Its measurements are exact. The best way to measure your wrist is with a fabric tape measure. If you don’t have one, you can use a string and a ruler, but you need to be incredibly careful to not let out the string when taking it off the wrist. It can falsely add up to an inch. If you use a string, measure your wrist 3x to make sure you get the same results.

The measurement should be taken at the smallest part of the wrist between the hand and wrist bone. Think of where your watch rests.

IF YOU ARE BUYING SOMEONE A GIFT: If your gift arrives and the item doesn't fit, please convo me. I will be happy to adjust the size to SHORTEN a single strand item for free... If this requires lengthening, there will likely be a fee, so let's discuss. Buyer pays all shipping fees.


■ 98% of my jewelry is one of a kind....using a lot of precious metals. Am happy to adjust to LENGTHEN (upon request before purchase) as long as we discuss what needs to be done upfront via convo. The full cost will be dependent upon the raw material cost and availability...very likely only $15 - $20 unless your request takes us to uncharted territory. :-) (Example: my need to source out additional beads/stones/hardware ... recall, I do not buy in bulk but that does not mean we can't figure this out.) If already an existing client, perhaps the best way to handle is just forfeiture of shop discount. "If" I can lengthen for a nominal amount of $, am happy to waive the fee ... ideally, we should be discussing this before purchase.


■ Let's just talk about this before purchase ... only if I need to add more than one inch. If you are already a regular client, we can talk about this reasonably, and the best way to handle is forfeiture of shop discount. To me, that makes sense. I am all about client retention.

The very last thing we want is for your purchase to sit in a drawer because it doesn't fit properly...I know we can figure it out. :-)

Please read the correct way to measure your wrist. TY!!


I love doing custom orders--do a lot locally, and we just discuss what you are looking for, your budget, timing, etc. Wholesale orders are also cool, so please contact me.

And if I have confused you at ALL (that is a sub-specialty of mine)...please know I am very convo friendly. I always put myself in the other person's shoes and I want you to be happy.


Can't say enough about Etsy and otherwise glass artists:

■ Lampwork is an art form unto itself...the glass artist works with thin reed shaped lengths of glass and, using a torch, forms a uniquely designed artistic creation--a bead which is then baked in a kiln and annealed for extra strength. many of these glass creations are far more expensive than most gemstones...AND, therefore, you have the creative process of two artists.

■ This almost happened to me, so…don't be fooled by mass produced, foil lined glass that has a related appearance to handmade Murano Venetian glass from Italy. None of the copycats has the richness nor the price tag of the real item. I purchase my Murano glass from trusted European sources or make direct purchases when I am in Europe.

Last Updated May 1, 2015