cooperdolls' Shop Announcement

It has been my great pleasure to create and sell here on Etsy.
Unfortunately my life and health have prevented me from continuing my shop.
I am battling a fatal and disabling disease, Wilsons Disease.

It has robbed me of all the coordination needed , to sew and create.
Many thanks to all who continue to send me inquires , as to how I am.

Thank you all , so much!
Donna Cooper

I would love to create custom orders for all of you who inquire. I am truly flattered by the number of requests that I receive But I also love to create from my heart, from the things that inspire me at the moment. This is where my love of creating comes from.......

When I remove the spontaneity from creating, it becomes robotic and uninspiring to me, therefore , as much as I would love to fulfill everyone, I simply cannot.

(~~I will,however, honor requests for a matching hat ....if you have purchased a dress!!~~) (providing I have the yarn on hand to do so.)

Moving forward, staying inspired, and always trying new ideas, is what I am all about.

Thank You .... for all the kind messages, and requests!! I am back to work now , creating from my heart!!

You can preview my newer items on my Flicker Account...


My Mother-in-law Marge Cooper will be joining my shop and adding her knits as well!
She's a lifelong knitter ( she's the one who taught me!), and has spent many long days knitting for pure enjoyment.

In fact , without her knowledge, I would have never created an art doll or a knitted anything !!!

You will be thrilled with what her hands create for your Blythe doll, and I am excited to have her helping me, ( as knitting ......can be a slow and tedious craft!)

To keep my items and her items seperated, I will tag anything made by her as a "Granny Knit". I am sure you will be delighted with everything she makes !

Please feel free to contact me with any questions about my knits!



~No Custom Orders Please~