Handcrafted Tiles & Nature Inspired Pottery

Working on some flowers inside with my boys.
Miles likes to supervise the tile process inside where it's nice and cool in the hot Florida summers.
Fox bowls fresh in the kiln.
My Oliver....being not so helpful while I glaze the bisque fired ware. He's cute though, so I give him a pass.
Coiled bird's nest bowls setting up in the studio.

I've always loved to play in mud. I'm just more specific about it now.

Corduroy Clay consists of me, Carrie Martin. Primarily, I'm a potter and tile maker in Tallahassee, Florida. However, I also have been known to dabble in sewing, book making, painting, sketching, journaling, creative writing, papermaking, jewelry making, mosaics and whatever else I could get my hands on. My tile mold making skills were learned at the Moravian Pottery & Tile Works in Doylestown, PA, where I took a workshop in 2008. This is also where I fell in love with the idea of tilemaking in general. I feel like each piece could be part of a bigger art form or viewed as it's own little treasure. Since I started on this tile making adventure I've implemented other techniques which keep Corduroy Clay constantly evolving, but retaining it's roots at the same time. Most all of my tiles are created due to some story I love, or reminder of something special in my life, and the others are plays on texture.

I've been selling pottery since 2005 after I received a free kiln and fixed it up. I mostly sold out of my home during home shows, where I'd transform my home into an open pottery gallery full of refreshments, friends of friends and lots of family. I currently sell on Etsy and at local markets.

The dish and serving ware started coming to life in the summer of 2013. I had ordered this beautiful dark brown and dark red clay and they were just too dark for tiles alone. The glazes were disappearing on the dark clay surfaces, but I loved these rich colors so much that I just had to find another use for these clays. I started creating Bonsai tree tiles and then went back to my roots of dishware and voila!...I came up with and fell in love with the Twisted Tree series and wood grain textured wares. Just another exapmle of why I love clay so much. It's so versatile and yet limiting at the same time that it keeps me on my toes and constantly thinking.

For more information and more detailed stories behind the individual works you can check out my website: I welcome questions and comments and hope that my work will bring some happiness and beauty to to your world.
Carrie E. Martin
owner, maker, designer, Dreamer and Clay Mucker
Here I am! The designer, maker and soul behind Corduroy Clay.
The Boys
Hearts of the Business

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