coriejcole's Shop Announcement

Enjoy my menagerie of miniature pets and political figures, of porcelain ornaments, brooches and my special "Co-meme-oratives"— commemorating the meme as a social medium. All pieces are handmade porcelain— designed, sculpted, cast, glazed, fired and finished by the artist. My mini-sculptures are painstakingly crafted keepsakes. Unlike polymer clay items, which can decay and bleach with time and UV exposure, glazed porcelain is permanent and archival, and will outlive your rocks if well-cared for.

Humor, novelty and content are all very important to me. I also strive to bring a natural realism to my work.

You can find my "serious" art at this address:

And if you'd like to hear me talk about my work, check out my slideshow on KRCC's blog, The Big Something:

I have a wide variety of political and celebrity portraits available, and I may consider commissions if I like the idea enough and after agreement upon terms, including possible deposit.

Here's a list of portraits I have done (in no particular order):
Dick Cheney
George W. Bush
George H.W. Bush
Ronald Reagan
Richard Nixon
Donald Rumsfeld
Kim Jong Il
Saddam Hussein (post Iraq War)
Sarah Palin
John Edwards
John Ashcroft
John Kerry
John McCain
Karl Rove
Tony Blair
Condoleezza Rice
Bill Clinton
Hillary Clinton
Ralph Nader
Mr. Spock (the Vulcan)
Paris Hilton
Jimmy Carter
Thom Yorke
Javier Bardem (playing Anton Chigurh from No Country for Old Men)
Vladimir Putin
Hugo Chavez
Dwight Eisenhower
Manuel Noriega
Omar Torrijos
Robert McNamara
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Obama (not finished)
Agent Dale Cooper from Twin Peaks (not quite finished)
several self-portraits

Commissioned miniature (< 3 inches) portraits of non-celebrities start at $1000 for an unglazed bust, and require 6+ months to complete.

Celebrity or political portrait prices are negotiable, based on my anticipated use for them in other pieces.

I reserve the right to re-use celebrity portraits in my own work, but will respect the wishes of non-celebrities not to have their faces reproduced.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.