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SPRING BREAK NOTICE! ♥ It's spring-like somewhere, so Crabby Chris is taking a break until March 21, at which time shipping will resume. While the studio is being treated to a touch of remodeling, I'm getting out of the way. However, orders will still be accepted and convos will be answered Monday through Friday. Check out the shop section called "Newest Designs" and let me know if I can make some pillows for your deck, garden bench, front porch, or your home interiors. See you on the first day of spring -- yay!

Welcome to Crabby Chris & Company™, home of unlimited numbers of gorgeous, colorful, hand-painted all-climate throw pillows, individually handcrafted for your lounging and gift-giving pleasure.

ALMOST-INSTANT GRATIFICATION! Just use "Ships tomorrow"* as a search term in this shop and you'll find about a hundred goodies that will actually ship tomorrow (Sunday excepted). Although I do not have in stock all designs in all colors at all times, there are lots of beautiful goodies ready for shipping. Your inquiries are welcomed; I answer email Monday through Friday.

*PLEASE NOTE: "Ships tomorrow" items will resume shipping on March 21.


CUSTOM ORDERS AND PERSONALIZED ORDERS WELCOME! Crabby Chris™ is more than pleased to work with you to help you get just what you want. Color changes are possible at no additional charge. New designs that are determined to be marketable can also be done without additional fee, and personalizing stockings and tree skirts with names can be done for a modest upcharge. However, please note that uniquely-colored or personalized items are NOT RETURNABLE OR REFUNDABLE as such custom items cannot be marketed to others. Please convo the artist with questions before ordering. If you would like more information about the details of a design, please feel free to request additional photographs.

WHAT'S NEW IN THE SHOP? It's easy to find all the most recent designs in one location; just click "Newest Designs" shop section at upper left of the shop opening page.

Yes! Those fabulous designs you saw recently on ZULILY are mine! Thank you kindly to my Etsy customers for supporting me on Zulily. Your patronage and encouragement mean the world to me. Please enjoy browsing my shop, where you will discover a new crop of seasonal designs for your enjoyment.

ARE THERE TWINS IN YOUR FAMILY? Crabby Chris™ now offers Fraternal Twin pillow sets. They have the same color DNA, only the placement of the colors is rearranged so that each looks a bit different from the other. For instance, if you wanted a pair of crab pillows, one could be painted with light legs/dark carapace and the second with dark legs/light carapace! Just ask for "Twin set" in "Note from Buyer" when making your selection -- easy!

GENUINELY HANDCRAFTED AND STUDIO-DIRECT from me to you! My pillows always have been, always are, and always will be individually hand-painted, one at a time, by me. They are also designed by me, sewn by me, stuffed by me, and even labeled and packaged by me.

Crabby Chris™ pillows are truly handcrafted by the artist and will not be manufactured beyond what I can produce, with sewing assistance from my right-hand man, Sheri. If you like my work, please help me spread the word as Etsy is becoming so huge that it's more and more difficult to get found by shoppers who appreciate true handcrafts.

All designs, images and text copyrighted 2009-2014 by C. Chennault. All rights reserved. Contact artist regarding licensing.

BTW, I love to give away pillows, so check my FB page from time to time; it's also where I introduce new designs. It's a thrill to receive photos from customers showing their Crabby Chris™ pillows in their natural habitat -- feel free to send in your pix!

Welcome, Friend! You have arrived at the home of the finest hand-painted indoor-outdoor pillow available anywhere, in any galaxy. Each item is personally painted by hand by Crabby Chris™ -- that's me! Never a reprint, duplicate, transfer or reproduction of any kind, but every one an original by the artist. Accept no lame-o substitutes!

If you are less than thrilled with your pillows, please tell me immediately so I can make it right. If you love it/them, feel free to leave feedback in this shop. BUT, if you receive a message asking you to write a review, please know that it is from Etsy, not from me. I think reviews should be completely voluntary.

Parcels are packed and shipped without any financial documents, so you may send your gift with confidence directly to the recipient. If you would like me to include a short handwritten message in Crabby Chris's unique style, just enter your information in "Note from Buyer".

Thank you all kindly for your patronage!

NOTE TO INT'L CUSTOMERS: Due to high shipping costs, customers outside of North America receive COVERS ONLY. It makes more sense to add that fluffy insert at your location rather than my studio, as pillow inserts are widely available and usually more more to ship than to purchase.

Customers are solely responsible for customs, taxes, inspection or import fees at destination. I have no control over the charges levied by governmental agencies domestic or international. Crabby Chris™ does not ship to Spain. All attempts have failed miserably.

If you see a design you like but need a special color, I will do my best to meet your request. Personalized orders made to your taste are gladly filled, but are not refundable as they cannot be resold to other customers.

BTW, if you'd like to send me a note after you order, P L E A S E use the Etsy convo system. Otherwise your message might be heartlessly unrecognized, banished to a junk mail file somewhere in cyberspace. Just go to the shop and hit the "Contact" box under my photo. Another way is to go to your own Etsy homepage, hit "Purchases", and send a note to the seller. If you do either of these, I am sure to get your note! Thanks much.

Yay! Crabby Chris™ GIFT CERTIFICATES are ready! And when you treat your loved one, you get a bonus discount of fifteen percent for yourself on your next purchase! Certificates are available in fifty dollar and one hundred dollar denominations, as well as custom amounts. Crabby Chris™ also accepts Etsy gift cards, of course.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ IN CRUSTACEA VERITAS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Here at CRABBY CHRIS™ you will find handcrafted, functional, attractive items of the crab, by the crab, and for the crab in all of us. Crabby Chris™ is the largest micromanufacturer of handpainted indoor-outdoor pillows on Camano Island, Washington, where Dungeness crab outnumber humans by about 11 to 3. Some of the crab's associates as well as other motifs and beautiful lifeforms from his environment have been included in the collection, plus a few eclectic goodies thrown into the mix. Because Crabby Chris™ loves lots of things.

If you want two or more of something and the listing indicates only one in stock, don't worry -- I can make any quantity. Just send a note and I'll update the listing for you!
All pillows are available without the stitched flange around the perimeter. For those of us who like to "chop" our throw pillows, only a knife edge will do. Just indicate your knife edge request in "Note from Buyer" when you order.

I ship smaller orders in recycled content (and recyclable) strong polypropylene mailing envelopes, and larger orders in 100% recycled corrugated boxes. Please reuse whenever possible, then recycle. I do not enclose any transaction documents in the parcels, so gifts can be shipped directly to recipients without concern about disclosing financial information.

My hand-painted pillows have appeared in Coastal Living, Cottages and Bungalows, Romantic Homes, Southern Lady, Florida Design, and Ocean Home magazines. More importantly, they appear in thousands of homes around the world. Thank you kindly!

This shop supports select nonprofits such as our local no-kill animal shelter and the American Cancer Society. I am not seeking other organizations to support; please do not send any solicitations.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.