craftswithloveonline's Shop Announcement

Crafts with Love is a voluntary community organisation and a registered charity. The volunteers meet weekly at the Coleraine West Community Centre in the Heights area of Coleraine in Northern Ireland to engage in traditional and modern crafting. The group aims to provide a framework for cross-community relations, social interaction and networking, while developing arts and crafts based projects within an environment of cultural diversity. All profits from the sale of crafted products support children's charities.

Crafts with Love Volunteers are:

Roberta: Treasurer & Over-locker
Janette: Chairperson & Quilter
Betty G: Vice-Chairperson & Quilter
Margaret C: Secretary & Knitter

Betty B: Committee member & Quilter
Stella: Knitter
Mary B: Knitter
Caroline: Quilter
Claire: Admin
Anne: Admin
Sadie C: Knitter
Sadie D: Sticher
Lilly; Quilter
Marrion: Jewellery maker
Murial: Jewellery maker
Rosemary Ham: Knitter
Rosemary Har: Knitter
Sadie H: Knitter
Margaret H: Quilter
Jenny: Cutter
Bearnie: Crocheter
Anna: Jewellery maker
Lila: Knitter and Stitcher
Margaret Mc: Stitcher
Moria: Paper craft
Mary Mc: Stitcher
Phyllis: Knitter
Jean: Knitter
Elizabeth: Crocheter
Margaret Pea: Knitter
Margaret Phil: Crocheter & Knitter
Ann: Quilter
Helen: Quilter
June: Quilter
Maisie: Knitter
Jai: Stitcher
Elizabeth N: Jewellery maker
Isabel: Knitter
Marie: Quilter
Lorna: Knitter
Margaret G: Knitter