CraftyGlassItems' Shop Announcement

Welcome to CraftyGlassItems
Formerly the home of OliversCrafts
I've always enjoyed doing arts and crafts projects but never had much time for them. All of that changed for me in 2011. Due to a sudden illness I found myself having way too much time on my hands and wanted to keep them (my hands) busy. I enjoyed making candles and actually sold a set on this Etsy! I was thrilled. Due to my physical condition and all of its' changes I was on and off Etsy for a while and started painting glass and crystal items.....I even created some of my own one of a kind items like the unicorn on my page.
I always joke with my friends that I should have been born sixty years ago as I'm a huge fan of stained glass and antiques and appreciate the history that comes with them.
I encourage you to keep coming back to my page as I post items weekly that are completed. You never know what you might find here!
I also encourage you to send me a message if you like something on my page and would like to offer a different amount to purchase it, as long as it's reasonable and I can do it I will make every attempt to accomodate you.
Everyone's having a rough time of it these days and I hope my painted glass items will make you smile as much as they do me.
Thanks for stopping by!