Craftyscientists' Shop Announcement

Holiday Sale ends tomorrow! Most of the made to order items have been moved to a separate section for the sale so if you con't find something - send me an email :)

Welcome! If you were thinking of a custom order - now is the time to place it encase I am off work the week of Thanksgiving. Next week is our Family Math and Science night and some bags will shift to a "made to order" status while others may disappear. Email me if you wanted something that "disappeared" because I may still be able to get the fabric.

My turn around time for emails is about 24 hours right now. Please processing times - they will change depending on how busy I am (made to orders may be affected). If you need something sooner, please contact me and I will see what I can do :)

I know ESY has grown and there are lots of items available from lots of shops (I know, I buy them too), but what makes this shop different from the zillions of others on ETSY:

- Most of our items are one of a kind/unique (OK, maybe weird).

- We try to make our stuff washable with the possibility of a long life by prewashing and triple stitching where possible (making it worth the little extra $)

- I/we sew the stuff (we don't have it sewn and printed by another company and claim that it is hand made by this shop - we sell our stuff on those shops and it's not "hand made", and they are not as well made (but cost less $)).

- We have been around since mid 09 --that means we have not just cropped up to sell what’s hot for a little while and disappear - we have been around enough to have a track record and resolve any issues (except the spelling :))

- We give the designer the credit - I know this gives others an idea where to find things (like the reference section on Wikipedia), but I really feel that they deserve it (even if it costs me sales).

- we have repeat customers buying things for other people because they like theirs (not because they wore out).

- We enjoy custom orders if you have the time and patience for all the questions. I can make just about any kind of bag (messenger, backpack, tote, purse) and have photo examples. Please email with questions!
**I will be letting items expire off the site that are made to order unless they are high volume. I still offer them, I am just not advertising. Next year I am changing grade levels and transitioning in my science curriculum into the NGSS and expect to be busy with planning and prep. Expect dinos, genetics and physical science items to pop up :)
On the cutting block:
- custom fabric from spoon flower tablet sized bags - french/flowers/fairy
- dinosaurs & fairies
- Day of the Dead prints (Alexander Henry)

Frequent special requests:
- I would love a canvas bottom tote - not a problem
- can I get a front/inside pocket padded/water resistant for electronics - not a problem
- products with different sizes - easy
- speciality prints - you send graphics and I make it - just takes a little time for the fabric to be printed.
- off the menu items - ruck sacks, computer cases, lunch bags, more - just ask.

I also have lots of custom designs on my Spoonflower shop especially with physics, chemistry and biology as a backdrop. I have a huge library of vintage science graphics - just not enough time (something about work and family). Feel free to contact me with a custom order.

My biggest question - Why such a cost difference between bags?
- Many of my fabrics are custom print (I find a print/designer/design it myself, pick put a fabric, test the swatch for color/fading when washed, and order it). Fabrics can cost as high as $38/yard for the outside alone (before taxes and shipping).
- Bags that are lined ripstop can be more expensive then other linings. (even my cotton ripstop)
- Did I find it on sale or off the shelf? - if I did, I pass the savings along.
- lots of other variables like hardware (zippers, hasps, etc.).
- almost everything is pre-washed/shrunk so the entire bag will be washable
- some of the patterns have to be lined up so they are centered - requires more material.
- materials may be custom dyed (including the nylon ripstop) to match a pattern
- Zipper pulls are created for the recipient and not missing :)
- Totes - most of my larger totes are soft sided (no interfacing or padding, they wash better)- please special request if you want one interfaced and/or padded. The smaller hipsters or tablet bags are padded.

Important Notice/Copyright: Besides the usual designer information I include, I have started to add source documentation to avoid legal questions on copyright. It will take a while to add everything. Original art and other ownership information should be noted. It does take the spot for 1 of the 5 photos. If you have a question, feel free to e-mail me. If the artwork is not original I credit the artist and the rights have been purchased (public domain released) or granted by asking the designer/artist. If the fabric is commercially produced, I try to include the manufactuer/artist. I do my best to stay to respect the works of others as well as appreciate them.

"Made to order"
indicates that I sold the made one and have the materials to make another, it's just not made yet. I look at the "Favorite" list from followers and replenish those as well as work on my stash. In my stash, I tend to have things that deal with nature, sci-fi/gamer/super heros, technology, vintage, as well as right out life science (I teach that). I have tons of Cat stuff - you won't find much of it up on the site because I am usually making for family and friends :)

Grocery totes:
Materials have been tested to make sure you can wash them and hold up. Wash them often! It has been shown that the reusable grocery are potential breeding grounds for things that cause food borne illnesses (as pointed out by our household microbiologist).

Many of my items fit walkers. I tend to cater to kids/adults with special needs. If you see something you like and it needs to fit a devise or have a special closure - please send me an e-mail. I have made things for wheel chairs also - not listed.

Please browse my collection of shirts. Since I am a secondary science teacher, most of the shirts have that spin about them. My daughter is the "Artist" and tends to help me tone down the geekiness (sometimes). We hope you like what you see. Please feel.

Graphics are hand drawn or are copy write free/purchased graphics that may be in original form or modified. Original graphics are licensed through creative commons.

All shirts are pre-washed before applying ink (helps with print stability). We screen print using Eco-friendly ink. The Ink is heat set and is stable for machine wash (cold recommended) and dry. I test all inks and dyes prior to posting on site. Foils are the only finish where machine drying is not recommended.

If dyes are used, they are Dharma Fiber reactive, Rit, Dylon (depending on the color/fabric) and have been washed after dying to remove any excess. The colors tend to remain stable with cold washes (like commercial dyes). Most of the dyed shirts are dyed in a manner to make an inconsistent pattern to give the shirt more character, depth, and a rustic look. If you prefer a store bought dyed shirt - please ask.

If you are interested is ordering some of our custom fabrics (designed by us), please send an e-mail.

Facebook/Twitter/Social Media - I am a teacher, so I generally stay low on unless its school related (and I am still careful). If I put my stuff up with my name on it for my crafting life, it may become a jumbled mess and, historically, that does not go well for the teacher side of things. That's why the lack of photos and names - I really like being a middle school science teacher. The crazy kids inspire me in so many ways (like my own kids).

Sorry for typos, tense changes and other stuff in the above paragraphs. I wish I could sing and spell. I read what I write and laugh ;)

Other shops/sites: Spoonflower, Cafepress, society6 and

Items disappear suddenly - I donate a lot of my stuff to school(s). Revenues from my site are used to buy science related materials and supplies for my class/school but I am a hobbies and not a non profit.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.