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Thank you for stopping by Crafty Tagz!

I have always wanted to go into business for myself. Since my son was born, this has been a high priority of mine. I hate having to work so much away from home in order to provide for my family. I hope for that one day I can stay home full time for my son and provide for my family.

My original idea came from our kitty Tinkerbell, who refuses to keep a collar on that has a hanging tag. I thought it would be great to have a tag that would thread on to her collar. I never found exactly what I was looking for, so I made my own! I enjoy hand making items and came up with the idea for CraftyTagz.

I hope to build up a good reputation with our quality products and keep you coming back for all your Tag needz!

Each tag is engraved by myself or my husband (with the supervision of 2 kitties, 1 dog and one small boy of course!)

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