crazydaisyme's Shop Announcement

Jewelry for sale at below wholesale prices +
$5.50 FOR INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING. Order as much as you like and shipping stays the same!
Hi) hi) hi) and - welcome to my store)) -
Here You can find the most affordable and quality jewelry designs – and I know ) I know) – there would be plenty of questions – Why the prices is so low? What is wrong with the designs?)) – true is – nothing wrong - they are all high quality and made by me ) – the thing is all of them were ordered by the wholesale buyers … one of them went out of business and the second just do not have funds to follow trough…
So – what about silly me))? – I did put my materials (forget about the time)) in those babes and now I do have tones of them just for myself)
Now I just want to recover a bit of what I’ve put in – and here is a SUPER opportunity for You to get coolest deals ever))
Oh)) The packaging will be really basic - I'll use tissue paper
for the safe traveling of the design)) and bubble mailer - to make it even more reliable)) If You want something more fancy - please - check up my packaging section)) - for a little fee we can really kick it up a bit)
:) :) :) :) :) :) :)