creativebalorina's Shop Announcement &

// About the Shop //
This shop is filled with unique (one-of-a-kind) bags & accessories, graphic design items, and once in a while photography.

You know that favorite item that you don't want to let go of even though it's falling apart since you've had forever? Well that's what I want my items to be for you, something you'll cherish for a long time :)

// Social //
email: creativebalorina [!at]

// Shop Values //
~ Unique ~
I like to make each item different even if it's by the fabric or thread color, each one unique for you to say you're the only one who owns it. If you want a certificate to say it's a one of a kind item be sure let me know when you check out.
{the cellphone cases are not one of a kind unless you personalize them}

~ High Quality ~
We strive to make quality items, if it's not up to my standards then I will not sell it and we continually practice and search for ways to improve our items.

~Beautiful ~
We put our every effort to make each item beautiful !!