creepyhollows' Shop Announcement

This is an extension of Creepy Hollows. We own & operate one of the most beloved paranormal websites.

Creepy Hollows is the premiere site for those who want to further their journey in the paranormal and metaphysical. It is a sanctuary for the discriminating collector. We deal with Spirits, Spells, Magic and more! This is our passion, our life and our second family. If you join us you'll see that this is the most welcoming, caring community for those who want to pursue a life in the paranormal and metaphysical!

We have developed many proprietary & exclusive methods related to spirit binding including Bridging, Transmute Bags, Stranding Stones, Charging Boxes & Spirit Stone pouches. We invented the Charging Boxes, featured across the paranormal community now, in 2005.

We are constantly committed to the evolution & growth of the paranormal community as a whole and have strived, daily, to meet the highest expectations of those who come to us during any point of their paranormal journey. Our goal is to shed the well-deserved, positive light on the paranormal and help those who have questions find the answers they seek through education, literature, other people who come here and through self-discovery. We try to take the fear out of the "fear of the unknown" because knowledge is power.