CricketNoel's Shop Announcement

Hello, and welcome to CricketNoel's Etsy shop. PLEASE click on the "read more" link for a special offer at the end of this announcement.

My preferred method of payment is by PayPal, but I will accept money orders and personal checks. PayPal purchases will ship immediately but for check or money order purchases, please allow approximately two weeks for delivery, as the item will not be shipped to the buyer until the check or MO has had time to clear. As a shop policy, if the check or money order is not received within ten calendar days of the date of the transaction, the sale will be cancelled and the item returned to inventory.

An EASTER EGG in computer programming is a secret code that causes something unexpected to happen when someone clicks on it. My surprise for you is a money-back offer for qualifying orders of $40 or more, in total - not restricted to a single item. In the Etsy order process, the buyer has an opportunity to send a message to the seller. IF YOU TYPE "Easter Egg" into the comment box, I will send you $5 cash back with your order. As a matter of fact, I will the double the offer on orders of $65 or more, if you also type in "Easter Bunny."

I have a theory that people do not read. They see a paragraph, and their eyes turn it into a blurry grey rectangle. This Easter Egg, Easter Bunny offer is an experiment to see if anyone will prove me wrong. There is currently no expiration date on this money-back offer. Hoping someone will surprise me by sending me an easter egg with their order, I remain sincerely yours, Ginny Schmidt

February 23, 2011 UPDATE: Congratulations to Barbara Haas for being the first person to read this far and take advantage of the Easter Egg/Easter Bunny offer. I enclosed a crisp, new $10 bill with the invoice for her order when I shipped it. Now that someone has found the challenge, I have no intention of withdrawing it. As I said before, there is currently no time limit to the offer, and no limit to the number of times an individual can take advantage of it.

October 2013 - second update: Pretty much proving my theory, since this rebate was posted almost three years ago, only one person has ever actually responded to the offer. IT STILL STANDS. A message of "Easter Egg" will get you five bucks cash back on an order of $40 or more - and add "Easter Bunny" to an order of $65 or more for an extra $5 - here I am offering to give away a ten-dollar bill - sadly, however, people do not read.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.