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For your shopping pleasure ~ Raw Jewelry - Woman-made, Hand Cut & Polished RAW Natural Stones "T.O.O" - The Only One, created. Plus, CrudeCo designed leather pouches.

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Each shop item is "Ready To Ship Same Day". Accepting trusted and preferred PAYPAL. PLUS, etsy Direct Check Out, money orders or personal checks. During the work week I pay a delivery person to ship my International orders. Otherwise, I ship myself on Saturday mornings.

If you are seeking mass produced jewelry, man-enhance, man-treated or dyed stones, 'the same as', copied, re produced or "one like she has"...................YOU have enter the WRONG etsy shop.

Hand sculpted metaphysical natural stones, earthy stones. T.O.O. "the only one" philosophy for each item I create. Honesty in every description, you will not find man-enhance, man-dyed, chemically altered or fake stones in my CrudeCo etsy. Every metaphysical stone pendant will hold its pure natural spender and color for a life time. CrudeCo technique and wire-wrapping is strong, durable and secure.

Design and technique, established, branded and licensed in 1995 in Twin Falls, Idaho, "Crude Company - Raw Jewelry & Ornament".

Crude Company stones are reasonably priced for fair market, because I travel to the sites, dig, haul, bash, cut, polish and wrap every piece by hand. My hands - Owner, operator, and creator.....Mickey Tanner

The stones or crystals that are out of my immediate reach are added to my collection through estate auctions, lapidary auctions and frugal friendly bartering with other lapidary friends. My back ground in jewelry has long been centrifuge lost wax casting and sculpted welded metals.

My simple self-taught wire-wrap design is minimal yet durable, standing the test of time. I prefer the stone speak for itself rather than the wire consuming its true personality.

Crude Company believes in the energy's and properties of natural stones, thus I list all my "the only one" pendants in the etsy category Metaphysical. We as humans are made up of energies, natural properties and chemicals from our earth. Wearing natural stones makes me happy, working with natural stones pleases me and digging natural stones from the earth surface brings me joy.

What is Metaphysical?

So you know what physical means, right? Everything you can see and touch. Meta means more than or above. So, metaphysical is more than physical, like spiritual or supernatural. Mickey Tanner practices faithfully metaphysical healing with raw stones.

Hand crafted Crude Company leather pouches are created from 100% recycled leather scraps. Frugal and free-form ends to material that is otherwise tossed to the land fills. Leather scraps used has flaws, cracks, spots, dis-coloration's, marker guides and unusual dye markings...the leather used is not perfect - recycled, reclaimed and re used leather.

CrudeCo means - Crude Co. Or Crude Company Raw Jewelry & Ornament

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Mickey Tanner

I make jewelry from Prairie Glass Shards found during rock digs.

I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at any time.

Crude Company is owned and operated by Mickey Tanner, there's no middle man/woman whom I must negotiate. Its completely a business designed, operated and performed by one person. Please see my flickr for sold pieces:

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Please read all of the description offered in print. If you are un happy with your purchase or you don't understand the description of the handmade or recycled item....................................... it may cause a significant reduction in your subsequent refund should you return purchased item. Restocking fee on all CrudeCo items 25%.

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