cucumberlime's Shop Announcement

Finally getting with the times, got an Instagram account #cucumberlimechores
OVER 300 chore magnet options and counting...

New Sets Coming Soon! All tiles are available but listing for the sets aren't posted yet. If you want to add any of these sets to your order let me know. I just haven't had time to take the pictures and create the new listings.
Subjects: Math, Science, History, Geography, Language Arts, Technology
Language Arts: Reading, Grammar/ Writing, Spelling, Vocabulary
Specials: Art, P.E., Music, Computer
Creativity: explore, imagine, create, learn, build, invent
Surfaces: Baseboards, Blinds, Knobs/ Switches, Fan/ Fixtures
Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack

My life: I have 5 little kids, 8 and under. To help keep balance in my life, I may be open shorter or longer each month.

Shipping: Please allow 1-2 weeks for your order to be shipped, almost always sooner :).