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Best Quality Custom Flags for 3 Generations!

For over 96 years, Custom Flag Maker has been the leading manufacturer of custom flags, custom banners, pennants and signs for the advertising, retail, display, and special event industries.

We are one of the oldest and most respected flag makers all around the world.

Our company was established in 1919 during World War I years. By the 50’s, we implemented fully integrated manufacturing plant with inhouse weaving, dyeing, printing and finishing facility of natural fibers like wool and cotton. By the 80’s we were able to process synthetic polyester fibers with dyeing, fully automated Printing, steaming and finishing facilities. In 1993, we were introduced to digital printing and started printing banners and printing flags by this new technology.

Our company played a major role in research and development of dye-sublimation inks by testing inks and giving constant feedback to the major ink manufacturers in Europe. At Customflagmaker, we know a flag is one of the most enduring ways to share with people who you are, what you stand for, and the pride you have for your country, business or organization. We have been manufacturing flags since 1919 and are very proud of our history.

Our digitally-printed flags and banners use dye-sublimation process that uses heat to fuse the ink to the substrade.

The end product results in high quality, brillant full-color images with nearly 100% penetration to the revers side. Digital flags are made with UV resistant inks for long lasting outdoor colors.

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    We have been in the flag business since 1919 as a family. We bring our generational experience to produce the best quality custom flags to your door.

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Frequently asked questions
Custom and personalized orders

Custom orders are avaliable. Just send us your image and let the magic happen!

(If not avaliable, our graphic designers will help you design your image for free (complex designs are subjected to a small fee)

Sizing details

Any size avaliable. If you wish for any size other than our listed items, please contact us and we'll help you with a digital proof & a quote.

Gift wrapping and packaging

Gift wrapping is avaliable, please let us know via your order.

Packaging: Individual packaging avaliable, via request. Otherwise, standard packaging rules apply.

Wholesale availability

Wholesale offers are avaliable. Please let us know the size and the quantity you have in mind and we are happy to give you a discount.

Care instructions

Inspect your flag regularly for signs of wear. In particular, look for “normal wear” fabric or thread breaks that may occur at the fly end. This is the end that is furthest from the staff. Trimming off and re-hemming torn or frayed ends will help extend the life of your flag.

Do not fly your flag where wind will whip it against rough surfaces, tree branches, wires, cables or buildings. The smallest tear can soon result in a tattered flag. Keep flagpole surfaces free of heavy dirt, rust, scale and corrosion. They can damage your flag.

For optimum life, do not fly your flag in snow, heavy rain or abnormally high winds.

Should the flag become wet it should be hung or laid flat and allowed to dry. Do not fold or roll up a wet or damp

Care instructions - 2

To keep its rich colors looking bright, clean your flag regularly before soiling and discoloration from dirt, smoke, dust and other airborne pollutants set in the fabric. Outdoor flags can be machine washed on gentle cycle in cold water then thoroughly rinsed and spread or hung to dry. Make sure the flag is completely dry before putting it away.

Care instructions - 3

Flags made of nylon with gold fringe should be dry-cleaned only. The gold fringe is not color fast. Outdoor flags made of nylon material may also be dry-cleaned but flags made of polyester material such as Tough Tex should not.

Regardless of how well it is constructed a flag is made of cloth and sooner or later will succumb to the elements. However it is well documented that reasonably good care can contribute greatly to a longer life.

Where are you located?

We are a Canadian Company, and our headquarters is located in Toronto, Canada.

Do you have any other branches?

We have other production plants that are located in Europe.

Where will my flags be manufactured?

Including Canada, we have three manufacturing plants. Your flags might be manufactured in any of these facilities depending on the workflow. Rest assured, we will always use top quality materials, and our materials will always meet the E.U/CA/ASA standards. Shipping cost and handling time will always stay the same regardless of the production facilitity