customringdesigns' Shop Announcement

Celebrating our 30th year of handcrafting since SINCE 1986~
Back in the day, things were made by hand, using the highest quality materials, by craftsmen who took pride in what they did for a living. Things were created without regard to today's business ideology of incorporating "a limited product lifespan." Building a product also built a reputation, and it was believed that both should last a lifetime. This philosophy was shared by your grandparents, and it is nearly extinct today. But, at Custom Ring Designs, we still live and work with this philosophy each and every day, since 1986, and we would simply have it no other way.

At Custom Ring Designs, the quality of our rings is evident immediately. Every ring is made from a solid bar of Titanium or Cobalt Chrome and you can feel the difference on your finger. Every detail is considered, we even hand polish the inside contact point where the metal meets your finger, so that your ring is designed to fit seamlessly and comfortably against your finger. And there is no mistaking our solid hand-pounded inlays for the cheaper gold-plated inlays that so many others use. Our inlays are made from solid gold or solid silver wire, and hand-pounded into deeps grooves, so they will never lift.

We are proud of every ring we make, and you will be proud to wear the ring we make for you. And rest assured, that each of our rings are handmade in the USA, and made only with materials purchased from vendors located in the USA.

**At this point, our current turnaround time to create a handmade ring is the following:

Custom Titanium Rings – approx. 7 business days
Cobalt Chrome – approx. 7 business days

**Time frames expressed are a guideline** We will make your ring as quickly as possible depending on our current workload. Your ring may take slightly less, or slightly more time for numerous reasons, the most important reason being that I will not send out a handmade piece until it has passed my standard of excellence. So, if you have a specific date in mind for an event or ceremony, please let us know that date when you order so we are aware of your time requirements.

Since our rings are truly hand-crafted, you have your choice of size, width, interior, and finish. If you order a ring with an inlay, you can also choose the material for your inlay.

If it is a silver inlay, you have your choice of three silvers: .999 silver, fine silver, and non-tarnish Argentium Sterling Silver. If it is a 14k gold inlay, you have your choice of five different colors of 14K gold: 14k yellow, 14k white, 14k rose, 14k green, and 14k ultra white palladium. We also offer 18K rose, 18k yellow, and 24K yellow by special order and pricing. No matter the inlay, all of our inlays are created using solid inlays of these materials, and they are hand-pounded into deep hand-carved grooves, so they will never lift.
We no longer cover abuse. If you return a ring that is willfully abused beyond normal use no replacement will be issued.

We do not ship to all countries. If you have a question about whether shipping is available to your country, please ask. We do not ship to Russia, Romania, Italy,Brazil ,China, Chile or any nation on the entire continent of Africa. These parcels vanish most of the time and we are responsible for a timely delivery. Since we assume the risk we chose to not ship to places which almost guarantee a loss. Our customers never take a loss and that is why I require a signature. I apologize to the good people of these nations.
It is unfortunate but if you have an American address, family that will place the order in their name and sign for the item then ship to you we can work around this. I have done this for several customers and it always works out for everyone. This takes the risk out of our hands.