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Welcome, my motto TURN SOMETHING OLD INTO SOMETHING NEW. I aim at saving old unwanted things from scrapyard. I love sew patchworks and clothings.
I sew from recycled clothing and vintage materials. This is my very small contribution to preserving our planet for all the small beings who will live here when we were gone. I would like to keep for them little beauty :D
Looking for eco-friendly one of a kind handmade clothes? My shop is full of unique dresses, skirts and accessories made of natural recycled fabrics.
All items are designed and hand made by me with high quality recycled materials and loads of attention to details. If you are looking for an unique style - it's the right place!

Single copies usually.

I invite to my another shops on Etsy
with a lot of own designed, rare and unique handmade housewares and accessories.
In this shop you can find unique handmade art bags. My bags are inspired by art of Jackson Pollock - an American abstract painter.
If you looking one of a kind clothing check this shop :)


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