dECOnstructionLab's Shop Announcement

Unique Handmade Eco Sustainable Leather Bags and Accessories
dECOnstructionLab creates handmade leather bags, accessories for eco, edgy, hipster personalities.
My mission is to transform fabric or leather leftovers of the industrial fashion and reclaimed vintage, otherwise considered waste, into one-of-a-kind craft accessories in respect of nature.
Each leather item complies with at least three of the ECO Sustainability criterias:
- it's handmade using craft/artisan skills - leather or fabric treatments (cutting, ageing or distressing, hardening or skiving, painting, etc) are handmade. Where it's possible so are the stitches. Also the branding and merchandising materials are mostly handmade
.- It's ethically produced with respect for people and the environment
- it's entirely or partialy recycled.
100% made in Italy
My creations are entirely handmade and therefore unique. However custom orders are welcome!
SHIPPING WORLDWIDE except Cina, Peru and Brasil.
Contact me if you want to arrange personalized shipping solutions.
For any other details please contact me.
I am available to discuss wholesale orders