daSaddler's Shop Announcement

Leather items for horses, dogs and humans proudly handcrafted in Italy.

Drop me a line if you have custom requests!

All my creations are entirely hand made and hand stitched, I use only the best english bridle leather combined with stainless steel and solid brass fittings for long lasting, rustproof items that will age beautifully.

Visit my blog for more info:


***For bloggers/social promoters/freeloaders asking for free products to advertise***

I'll give you what you're asking only if your dog/horse/critter fulfills one or more of the following requirements:
- he/she acted in a Hollywood movie (credited) and won an Oscar for that;
- he/she saved a school/hospital from fire using only body fluids (cut out from local newspaper);
- he/she has been sent in the outer space and back (NASA or Roscosmos bulletin) and still barks/neighs/else.
Otherwise, prices are clearly exposed also for you.
Thank you for your cooperation.