daemonnoire's Shop Announcement

Each Daemon Noire Design is a handmade, one of a kind piece. There are currently two special collections in production, the Mixed Media series, and the Elite Wonders series.

Mixed Media jewelry is made from an array of bead types. Stone may be next to glass, which may be next to fresh water pearls. Mixed Media necklaces are my experiments in subtleties of color and texture.

Elite Wonders jewelry is jewelry inspired and sometimes even designed by my sisters. They encouraged me to take this company and grow with it, as well as pushed me to make daring new combinations of color. This collection is very small, as I want each piece to be a tribute to their faith in me.

Most necklaces are 16", and I will lengthen any necklace by up to two inches free of charge. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in a custom piece or matching bracelets and earrings for any of the necklaces. I also have several hundred stone, glass, and crystal beads on hand and will gladly walk you through the process of designing a piece in your favorite colors.