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Welcome to Morgan's Beds

Morgan is a rare juvenile diabetic feline, born with bilateral cataracts. He was rescued from the streets of Puerto Rico after his Mom was killed and was bottle raised at a Veterinarian's Office. He flew to the US in hopes of a forever home, but after a month at a shelter foster home, the shelter determined they could not care for him or adopt him out.

Being the only volunteer here working with the organization in Puerto Rico, Morgan ended up with me. He had double cataract surgery at Cornell University in 2006, and he continues to deal with his diabetes, non-working pancrease and other unique health issues.

Morgan has survived and thrived against all the odds and Morgan's Beds was created to pay for his constant medical care. All profits from Morgan's Beds go into Morgan's account to pay for his insulin, special food, supplements and vet bills.

Each day with Morgan is a special gift. He's an amazing happy go lucky little cat with a zest for life.

Morgan's Beds are made with high quality fleece fabrics, and poly fill stuffing. They can be washed in warm water, and put in the dryer on warm. They can be washed with bleach in the event of an accident - but I would not recommend it for every washing.

I've been making Morgan's Beds for over 10 years now, and many Catsters and Dogsters have them, and they all love them. They get softer and more comfortable as they are slept in. All of our models are happy Morgan's Beds Customers.

Morgan's Beds were also featured on the HDTV website under Pet Projects.

This is Morgan's Webpage: http://www.catster.com/cats/267400

Morgan is a permanent foster cat from Save A Sato, but they do not cover any of his financial costs. It seems they have removed Happy Ending from their website, so his photograph is no longer there.

Cozies and Hammocks - although they are not a standard in the shop, we're always happy to make them for mice, rats and ferrets. We offer package deals when requested.

Morgan's Beds Also Offers:

Gift Certificates

FREE GIFT WRAPPING & Gift Cards and we will ship to the recipient of your choice

Custom Made Beds

Please contact me for any of the above special offers.

Each Cat Bed comes with a special surprise for it's new owner.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.