danburk1's Shop Announcement

>>>>All frames are made ENTIRELY of reclaimed material.
>>>>All frames are customizable, unique, and one of a kind. Stock is rare, limited and may vary from the pictures in this shop. Contact me for details.
>>>>All frames will accept glass, mirror, or cork and can be traditionally matted in any style you would see at a chain store.
>>>>Ask me about shadow boxes, picture frames with hidden cabinets, hidden doors/compartments/ rooms, trap doors, stage props for magicians, or anything sneaky like that.
>>>>Ask me about every day objects like poker chips, matchbooks, cigar/wrapper, wine label, pencil, crayon, dice, ticket stub, weapons, $100 bill, ...ANYTHING...I can enlarge these things for your mancave or themed party.USE YOUR IMAGINATIO! In my cave I have two large end tables where the tops look like poker chips from the Tropicana and New York New York in Vegas, and the coffee table top looks like an open book of matches from an Elvis wedding chapel.

The images are printed on paper that is constantly reclaimed from a local printshop, the paper sheets are the "mess ups" that never make it to the customer, I print on the backside of these rejected prints.
Images are laminated to 1/2" cabinet grade signmakers plywood that are wrapped in vinyl on both sides. These sheets of plywood were used throughout the midwest to build all of the billboards you might see on any highway. They are being replaced by digital models, leaving most of the building materials of the outdated billboards left behind only to be thrown in the trash, including all those wonderful sheets of plywood.
The background that the image/plywood "floats" off is usually 1/4" LUANN plywood that is typically used as flooring underlayment in the installation of most flooring applications. I use jobsite cutt-offs(scraps) and anything flat and thin that can be reclaimed from a variety of sources.
All of the fastening/joining methods applied to these frames use nails, screws, adhesives, dowels, mitre splines/biscuits,etc... All of which were reclaimed from the basement of my carpentry/artisan/reclaimer Mentor, Jerry Burk, who collected a vast amount of wood, hardware, and tools for 50 years.His tools were always insanely orginized and kept in a climate controlled workshop. Soon after he died his wife told me to clear out his shop before his kids get there and throw it all away.
My arsenal of hand and power tools are ENTIRELY reclaimed from family, friends, inheritance, and everywhere inbetween. I have never bought a hammer, tape measure, knife or screwdriver.