t i n y WEARABLE embroidery hOOps

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The possibities are endless ... 1" hoops are teeny tiny cute.
Custom portraits for your wall.
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My passion for the craft of embroidery begins BEFORE the very first stitch. I love the feeling of stretching the fabric onto the hoop and seeing a blank canvas ready for a little masterpiece, choosing floss and rearranging it on my table to get the best combinations, visualising which stitches will work best and then … it is the sound of the needle piercing the fabric … PURE BLISS!

In my eyes embroidery is the new black AND it is addictive … yes indeedy! It can be rewarding and meditative and it can simply, make you smile all over. My love for this beautiful craft is ENORMOUS and is the foundation of my little biz. I want anyone and everyone who is keen to start stitching.

When I began stitching again in 2011, I found myself dreaming about the possibilities of embroidered designs. The main idea that continually circulated in my mind was that of a tiny embroidery hoop. Eventually, it took over and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Finally the thought popped out of my head and my husband heard it … “I can help make that happen babe” he said. That was the beginning …

Together my husband and I drew up designs and went back and forth until we were 100% happy. It was imperative that the wood was top notch, the design perfect and the quality was tip top 100% the BEST! I think we have done it. We now spend many nights sanding, drilling and constructing each one. It is definitely a labour of love.

My custom family portraits, for the wall, can now be worn as a pendant or brooch framed by my miniature embroidery hoop. The best part … everyone can enjoy my mini hoops for their own little, stitchy masterpieces. It seems my little plan is beginning to take shape. I have created a Starter Kit that takes it right back to basics, so the stitcher can begin with confidence and also have a giggle along the way.

I have big plans for DANDELYNE… and it all begins with tiny steps and tiny things. Little by little I hope embroidery will be A HUGE part of many people’s lives.
owner, Mini hoop expert 1, designer
The designer and creator of the TINY MINIATURE wearable embroidery hoop. ADORABLE = YES!
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