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I carry all size onesies in my store.
The onesies are Gerber brand onesies and do fit as such. Please be sure you are aware of how the Gerber onesie fits your baby so you are happy with the fit. If you are used to Carter’s bodysuit, Gerber in comparison runs small.
The size chart is as followed:
Onesie Sizes:
0-3 months (8-12 lbs 3,6-5,4 kg)(21-24 inches)
3-6 months (12-16 lbs 5,4-7,3 kg)(24-27 inches)
6-9 months (16-18 lbs 7,3-8,2 kg)(27-28 inches)
12 months (18-24 lbs 8,2 -10,9 kg)(28-30 inches)
18 months (24-28 lbs 10,9 -12,7 kg)(30-32 inches)
24 months (28-32 12,7 -14,5 kg)( 32-34 inches)