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Welcome to Danejo-Bonnelle. We specialize in making handcrafted jewelry from vintage and contemporary marbles. Because we love marbles, we are diligent to ensure that the integrity of a marble is the focal point of our crafting efforts. Our mission is to create jewelry pieces that enhance the inherent beauty of each marble we select. This includes making sure the marble’s condition is not compromised in the crafting process. We do this by maintaining the following standards:

● We never drill into a marble or glue anything onto a marble.
● We employ great care to ensure that we never scratch or damage the marble’s surface.
● We wire wrap our marbles.
● Free rotating marbles within the wire wrapping and from hanging earrings.

Essentially, we encage a marble by twisting wires around the marble and joining the wires together. What results is a spiraled protective cage that resembles the old swirled marbles of yesteryear. We choose the marbles for our pieces by looking through thousands upon thousands of marbles which we have collected over the years.

Although we specialize in making marble jewelry, we have spent a lifetime collecting antiques. Please peruse our ETSY pages to discover some unique treasures and artifacts from days gone by. And above all else, enjoy a trip down memory lane.

Please read our public profile and learn how a discovery turned into a “Labor of Love.”