darialvovsky's Shop Announcement

Dear friends,

I am so excited that on July. 27 I am going on a 14 day trip to Montenegro, which is a one of the most spectacular places, though I've never visited to so far. I intend to travel through the narrow roads leading to tops and valleys of this gorgeous area, and get back to my studio impressed and inspired. I will be able to complete and ship the orders that I received so far, but orders received from July 26 will be shipped within two weeks after my return, by the end of August. In a case an order is urgent, please let me know, so that I could do my best to complete it earlier. You're welcome keeping to contact me on the ETSY and so on FB. I would be checking emails wherever internet is accessible. I apologize for the delay due to my upcoming trip and as always I wish you lots of joy and beauty.

I aspire to share my enthusiasm for the beautiful way of the Waldorf education which enhances the flow of loving communication between children and their parents and caretakers. My creations are inspired by this wonderful way of life that my three daughters are experiencing which is very different from the way I experienced my life before I knew of the Waldorf ideals. I bless each creation that I make with the prayer that it will bring happiness and gentleness to people and their children throughout the world.

I believe we can make a difference and help humanity. and therefore our entire world, if we spread the Love and Gentleness everywhere we can.

I hope you will enjoy my creations as much as I enjoyed making them and join me to make our mutual prayers reach our globe and heal our world.

As of today, my creations have reached people in the USA, Germany, Ireland, England, Australia, Norway, Japan, Switzerland, France and Canada. Some of these creations were purchased by kindergardens and schools, so I believe many children enjoy them.

The inspiration for my work come from beautiful images that have captured my imagination and from personal requests of my customers throughout the world who have asked for custom made orders. You are very welcome to brouse through my shop and see the imagination and inspiration of myself and others who have enjoyed these items.

You are welcome to use the below link to see all my creations so far. You may contact me if you wish to receive a creation which does not appear in my shop.

Wishing you all the joy and blessings that will fill your heart,

With love, Daria Lvovsky