Come closer.

"Freakish," it's been called, my sense of smell. It runs in the family. I can detect notes on the wind and in corners of the room with hair-raising accuracy.

Something else that runs in the family: I'm not satisfied that something's "handmade" unless I've fussed over it, complicated it, wrapped myself up in it until it feels like art. Sometimes when something's too easy I'll add a new challenge or an unlikely note that could either ruin a composition or make it extraordinary.

True to the freakishness and the fussing, DarlingClandestine perfumes are incredibly complex, to reflect the layer upon layer of nostalgia and fascination in the amazing people and places they're inspired by.

Some are downright odd, unsettling, like the stories behind them. I write those. I'm so glad to have a place to put them.

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