Most of our designs are first created with a drawing.
Or with our growing collection of lead type.
Each item we print is hand fed one at a time through our 100+ year old press, Hugo.
Every single card is folded by hand, paired with a matching envelope, and packaged in a compostable plastic sleeve.
And then shipped out with care, and with attention to the small details.

Dirty Hands. Clean Paper. Letterpress.

Mornings start with breakfast for the kids, coffee for the adults, a morning walk, and then into the emails.

By the time ten o'clock rolls around we're already in our studio making stuff.

Usually one of us will distract/entertain/spend quality time with the kids while the other works on the business.

Between the print jobs, there are bunnies to feed, chickens to feed, children to feed, and a giant garden begging for our attention.
Alia and Jason Hoffman
owner, maker, designer, curator, Printer
owner, maker, designer, curator
owner, maker, designer, curator

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